Find your graduate events marketing executive job. Learn about day to day responsibilities, starting salaries and much more.

Events Marketing Executives are responsible for using exhibitions, conferences and product launches for the benefit of organisations and the business's aims.

Events and exhibitions have become a key part of marketing for businesses and organisations. Whether it is sector or industry specific conferences or open to the public, events have become a key feature of marketing and promotion for companies. The role of an Events Marketing Executive has grown to become a key feature of marketing teams across industries and sectors.

The role of an Events Marketing Executive is responsible for attending, hosting and organising events that will help the business meet its goals. This could be a marketing activity to increase sales, speculate for new business or launch a new product, Events Marketing Executives know how to make events work to the benefit of their employers.

As an Events Marketing Executive, graduates can expect to be confident with strangers, enthusiastic about their product or service and knowledgeable about what they are offering. The role is varied and the approach will differ depending on the industry they are in. It is much more than just pressing the flesh, but requires a variety of skills such as confidence, salesmanship and commercial nous. While high levels of organisation and ability to thoroughly plan can help graduates be successful in a role like this.

Events Marketing Executive Salaries

The average starting salary for a graduate Events Marketing Executive is £19,861. This is a fantastic starting salary for graduates to start on and will rapidly grow when graduates have shown their worth at conferences and at organising launches.

It must also be acknowledged that with a career in Events Marketing, graduates can expect to see their pay dramatically increase as they take on bigger and more important projects. With careers in Events and Events marketing, the rewards are there when the responsibility grows.

The Daily Duties of an Events Marketing Executive

It is typical for the work Events Marketing Executives undertake is project based and focuses around planning and preparation for exhibitions and events and then the execution of those plans on the day. This cyclical nature of the job tends to mean the duties of an Events Marketing Executive vary depending on what point they are up to on the project. Here are a few of the duties that Events Marketing Executives can expect to do as part of their role:

  • Attracting business - The main function of an Events Marketing Executive is to attract new business while at conferences or exhibitions. Graduates considering Events Marketing as a career must be able to approach representatives to pitch their service, product or company.
  • Organising venues - Graduates can often be part of a team responsible for putting on events and finding the right venue can be absolutely vital. Whether they are looking for appropriate catering, to make a prestigious impression or making sure they have a big enough space to accommodate the guests, the venue can be everything.
  • Promoting attendance - There is no point putting on an Event if nobody attends and this is the responsibility of an Events Marketing Executives. Whether this is selling tickets to the event or ensuring awareness of the event is going well, Events Marketing executives will be responsible for making sure the event is well attended and attended by appropriate people.
  • Stand marketing - If an Events Marketing Executive is at an event on behalf of an organisation, they may be required to pull together things like leaflets, freebies or banners to make their stand attractive. This involves being clever with brand promotion and grabbing the right kind of attention.
  • Speakers - At many events and exhibitions, organisers like to put on seminars or talks. Events Marketing Executives may be trusted in sourcing appropriate speakers at these events or taking the microphone themselves to promote their company. This again requires resourcefulness and confidence on behalf of the graduate.
  • Sponsorship - Events cost money and graduate Events Marketing Executives may have to resort to selling the sponsorship at these events. It could be getting a big corporate backer to sponsor the whole thing or it could be smaller organisations to put money behind some of the seminars. Events Marketing Executives will be required to bring in money on behalf of the organisers to help balance the books of putting an event on.
  • Travelling Although not a massive part of the day to day for Events Marketers, this job role can involve a lot of travelling. It could be regional and national travelling, but depending on the sector the graduate's company works in, they could find themselves being sent overseas and across the globe representing their company, product or service.

Events Marketing Executives do occupy an exciting job role. The work they undertake is, however, highly pressured and requires a lot of preparation, organisation and the ability to act on any unexpected changes that may arise. No matter whether you are hosting or attending events, graduates need to ooze confidence and be erudite in their offerings to other organisations.