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    The telephone part of the interview for graduate analyst positions at Accenture is conducted via HireVue, which is a webcam interview. The interviewers will tell you via email that ou have gotten through to telephone interview stage after you have completed your applications and situational judgment (CAN'T RECOMMEND ENOUGH, GO TO THEIR CAREERS EVENTS. You get a free moleskin journal, a chance to network with current employees and recruiters and FAST TRACKED through the application so the actual form is shorter and you can often skip out the preliminary testing and go straight to telephone interview). The recruiters then send you a link to the HireVue program which only is live for five days. If you're not going to complete it in that time, let them know. The actual HireVue consists of a question coming up on the screen for about 30 seconds and then it will start automatically recording you for a maximum of 3 minutes. You can stop it earlier than that if you finish speaking early but I took up the whole 3 minutes everytime. There are about five or six questions, very basic stuff like what do you know about Accenture, who are the competitors, how do businesses use technology, what makes Accenture different. Its over in a flash.

    Most difficult question

    How do businesses use technology?

    Interview tips

    As I said, go to their recruitment events, you get so many good tips and it's good to hear about their business because its more in depth than it first appears and you can start using buzzwords about their different practises like instead of Accenture provide technological solutions, you can learn enough to talk about Accenture being the lead implementer of SAP and Oracle solutions.

    I would clean your room! Take down posters if they're semi naked women, obvious stuff. I moved all my law books around so they were behind me and hid the mess of junk! Think about really why you want to work HERE and what makes them different. Look up some of their business areas and who are their competitors in those fields. Dress smart even if you are just going to be sat in front of the computer. Make sure you don't get disturbed. The webcam will display a outline going around for you to align yourself with like when you get your passport photos taken so make sure you're trying to stay within that instead of bobbing all over the place.

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