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Vodafone - Who we are

We’re Vodafone. We’re the tech industry’s original game changers. As a global tech leader, we transform businesses and millions of lives around the world every day.

From providing superfast network speed to smartphones, to making farmers’ lives easier with mobile money payments or streaming music into a car through the internet of things, we’re behind some of the world’s greatest tech achievements. This means that we have a pretty vibrant and diverse mix of skills and people, that makes us a great place to work.

We are looking for innovation leaders, people who have a passion for new technologies and care about the way people experience and interact with it. People who are curious to the world of opportunity on offer. Vodafone is a place where you can bring your whole self to work, as you kickstart your career.

Case Studies

  • Name: Alex
  • Role: HR Discover Graduate programme
  • Joined: March 2018
  • University: Newcastle University
  • Degree: Business Management

For me, it never was and never will be just about the job.


As a student at University, the thought of applying for jobs which will shape your future is more than a little daunting! Spending your life in education makes it difficult for you to know exactly what it is that you want to do – and I think that is a feeling that all graduates share. How did I choose my stream? Well, I applied for the HR Discover Graduate Programme because I studied Business Management at University and I always had an interest in my more people focused modules. I would say that is where my interest in HR sparked from.

When I was looking for graduate schemes the rotational element around various areas of HR appealed to me the most. The opportunity for me to gain experience in different roles within my chosen field of interest would allow me ‘try before I buy’ so to speak!

For me, it never was and never will be just about the job. It is about the working environment, graduate community, learning and development opportunities, and the culture of the company I am working in. Vodafone hasn’t let me down on any of these aspects and have excelled all of my expectations.

I am certain that the decision I made to apply for the HR Discover Graduate Scheme was the right one; I am really looking forward to the rest of my journey on the graduate scheme and with Vodafone.

Training & Profiles

What to expect
You’ll work for a global company that’s beating the game changers in the industry, and beyond. On our Discover Graduate Programme, you’ll gain exposure to different areas of the business and you’ll be able to rotate in your chosen area of specialism, such as Technology, Digital, Business, Commercial, Finance or HR, and we’ll fully support you to develop and achieve your goals. Not to mention, you’ll be part of a worldwide community of graduates on a mission to build an exciting future.

With on-the-job training, virtual classroom learning, dedicated mentoring and real responsibility from the start, you’ll have all you need to become an expert in your field.

Find out more about life at Vodafone.

Application Procedure


When does the 2019 Vodafone graduate scheme close?

31st December 2019