How Coronavirus is affecting graduate schemes and placements

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Throughout the last few weeks the effects of Coronavirus can be felt everywhere. Many companies may not have been prepared for how this was to affect their recruitment plans, and still unsure at this point how their recruitment process is going to proceed. At graduate-jobs we are keeping up to date with the latest information to help you stay informed about the graduate market and what opportunities are still available to apply for.

The Institute of Student Employers (ISE) has recently reported the latest;

Disruptions to recruitment & graduation

  • New entry level staff has been severely disrupted.
  • 40% of employers are concerned that the cancellation of academic qualifications will disrupt their recruitment process.

Reduced hiring & Recruitment Freeze

  • As a result of Coronavirus, of companies spoken to (27%) say that they will be recruiting less graduates

Long Term Implications

  • The long-term implications are still not clear. But if the theory that the worst of the crisis will be over by mid-June, then the recruitment and hiring processes for many companies may be back into place before September

How companies are adapting

  • Temporary recruitment freezes until the foreseeable future.
  • Rescheduling graduate schemes and placements for a later date
  • Some companies will be cancelling their recruitment this year altogether.
  • Recruitment continues as normal but to use new alternative methods such as telephone and video interviews, and may need to postpone the start date.

However, many companies are STILL advertising and have roles to fill!

With the country on lockdown and with isolation looking to be a while, it may feel like your chance to find a graduate role and enter the world of work may be a far way off yet. However, lots of companies still need to recruit now! Many businesses on the site have been considered to be a critical sector and need urgent applicants. Others need to ensure they have positions filled and are ready for when isolation is over. If you are looking for a graduate-job but worried about what companies are still hiring at the moment, check out the site to see the latest jobs!

A Few examples of companies recruiting now during Coronavirus


'Everything may seem a little uncertain now with universities being closed, graduation postponed and summer potentially on pause. You might feel somewhat unsure of what the next steps could be in terms of graduating and deciding which career path to take but fear not, the G2V Recruitment Group are continuing to interview for our Summer Graduate Programme!'

G2VRecruitmentGroup are in a VERY strong position to commence their Summer Graduate Programmes commencing in June, July, August and September. They are flexible around our methods of interviewing and hiring NOW.

See their top tips on how to do video interviews

See roles available


'TPP have been identified as key workers and are working to improve their software to help with patient care. They are still actively recruiting for all their roles. Visit their website to help make a difference'

During the midst of this outbreak TPP has worked on key projects such as the Airmid UK app and how it can help to relieve NHS pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To see more projects TPP are working on

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2 Sisters Food Group

2 Sisters Food Group is one of the UK's largest food manufacturers and has over 20 sites in the UK.

The government has classed their company as a critical sector and have had to increase their food production by 50% in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

They have launched a recruitment campaign nationwide to help with the demand required and say 'applicants can be interviewed very quickly' for the roles.

To find out more see article

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Are a great example of a company that has adapted to digital recruitment strategies in light of the outbreak, with new recruits starting their graduate schemes working from home!

One recent applicant who has now secured a place with FDM has said, "I was so glad that FDM found a way to get me to interview and start my job despite the current lockdown."

FDM Case study

See roles available

Register your Interest roles

You can also create your own reminder alert service: Create a reminder and we'll email ALERT you as soon as the roles go live so you can make your application as early as possible.These are for companies that are looking to go live in the next few months, allowing you time to update and upload your CV before you need to apply! To get ahead of the game and see what roles are live soon, click on the link to register!

Coming Soon Jobs

Coming Soon: 2020/21 Graduate Scheme. Sign up here and we will notify you as soon as the campaign goes live later in the year. Some companies may have put a freeze on their recruitment for now but will be looking to go live again as soon as possible, with immediate job opportunities available.

What you can do during this isolation period

  • Update your CV!
  • Update your profile on Linkedin
  • Sign up for volunteering opportunities
  • Apply for part time work
  • Research companies you are interested in
  • Keep registering your interest for future jobs coming soon
  • Keep sending applications for current jobs on the site still recruiting
  • Practice telephone and Video interviews

Although it may feel like isolation will be for a long time, life will go back to normal soon and lots of companies will need to quickly fill their positions. Make sure you keep positive during this time and keep applying!