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Kubrick. Shaping tomorrow, today.

At Kubrick, we actively seek out and develop diverse, passionate individuals from a breadth of backgrounds to bring business a fresh approach to realise the potential of data, AI, and cloud technology and build sustainable solutions for a rapidly changing world. We build our own workforce in the skills which organisations across industries need to transform, solving their short-term capacity challenges as well as future proofing capability with long-term team augmentation.

We are an award-winning consultancy that hires diverse graduates and junior professionals and transforms them into consultants who can solve our clients’ data, AI, and next-generation challenges through high-quality, salaried training and dedicated support. Our unique blend of high-quality training, access to exciting clients and projects, and dedicated support will accelerate your career much faster than the typical graduate scheme.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Our network of Diversity Champions brings their passion for inclusion into Kubrick by acting as ambassadors to educate and support colleagues, as well as advocate for positive change. Our consultants all have dedicated success managers providing them with the help and support they need, both during their training, and while deployed onto our client sites.

We help amplify the voices of underrepresented groups in our industry through a variety of initiatives which include podcasts and live events. We are proud supporters of Shadow to Shine, an organisation committed to improving life outcomes for London based youth who face systemic barriers to their professional success.

We have developed partnerships with organisations such as Young Data Minds and Women in Data to help improve diversity in the industry. We have started supporting young people to develop an awareness of careers in tech through outreach events in schools. Our mission is to develop a diverse workforce for the technology industry and make Kubrick a place for everyone, regardless of gender identity, ethnicity or nationality, disability, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or age.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Nikita Mandavia
  • University: Loughborough University
  • Degree: Physics

"I graduated from Loughborough University with a master’s degree in Physics, during which I completed a placement at GlaxoSmithKline within their supply chain team.

What I learnt was simple: data is central to all companies, from managing everyday issues to making big decisions effectively. I wanted to be a part of the teams that truly drove change.

I was inspired to apply to Kubrick after seeing both the training scheme and the client list, as I would have an opportunity to work for some of most renowned companies and gain invaluable experience to help access future opportunities. The training Kubrick provides is like no other programme on offer from other companies. It is so wide-ranging and balances the skills and professional development that we need to succeed in the industry.

There are a lot of graduates that join the scheme, so it also felt like a good transition between university and the workplace. The Kubrick team is highly diverse and supportive - people come from all kinds of academic and professional background and are always ready to offer advice and perspective to help consultants ease into the workforce.

During my current placement, I am working to create a document that illustrates all the datasets and sources within a platform. The project requires collaboration with teams all over the company, so I’ve been able to build a network for myself. This piece of work will provide the necessary information for senior employees to identify existing problems within the company and understand how they can solve them.

A career in data has its challenges as a very new industry. However, everyone is eager to work together to understand of how data can best help their company. In addition to the technical demands of the industry, it also encourages the development of skills like problem solving, communication, and teamwork. It is a fulfilling career, which I would encourage anyone to pursue!"


The Kubrick team is highly diverse and supportive - people are always ready to offer advice and perspective.

  • Name: Oscar Hansen

"Since I was young, I have been interested in technology, computers, and inventions, but I never pursued these fields as educational or vocational paths. It was whilst working in tech sales, creating relationships and speaking openly with the senior stakeholders who were my customers, that I saw the huge impact technology and data can have on a business. More so than this, I saw that there was still plenty of room for improvement, with a lot of companies lagging well behind. I wanted to move from selling solutions to designing and implementing them myself.

Moving into a career in data was the logical next step for me. I like the massive amount of opportunity to benefit from data that still exists in the business world – it makes working in data both freeing and satisfying day-to-day. It’s also great being at the forefront of a company’s digital innovation because you are designing solutions for now and the future, revolutionising the way a company works. Picking up the skills of tomorrow is the personal upshot of this.

Prior to joining Kubrick, I studied Music at the University of Oxford (University College), followed by two separate jobs, working in technology sales.

I was inspired to join Kubrick because of the quality of the training, guaranteed placement at one of many large companies, a good salary and seniority progression.

Without the four months of training, I probably would never have learned coding from scratch, but now I feel like a confident coder in both Python and SQL. It’s also very helpful being connected with other Kubrick consultants and trainers, both at your placement and beyond, as they are often the best source of tech knowledge if you need help.

I like how devoted Kubrick are to creating an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere for everyone, focusing on ethnic diversity, representation of women, and mental health.

I also love how many opportunities are now available. Recently, I was asked to provide a high-level overview of the project I am currently working on to a team of 30 senior employees via Webex. The feedback I received from my manager post-session was fantastic, and several people on the call contacted him to say they found my presentation insightful and interesting. I was called a “unicorn”, which is a moniker I will continue to strive for.

I believe a career in data is not closed off to anyone because of their university subject, previous work, background, or skills. Data needs young, intelligent, creative people to spur on the latest innovations. And from the individual’s perspective, there is so much opportunity in the field right now that carving out a career in data (with the right training and support to back you up) will surely be fruitful and fulfilling."


I was inspired to join Kubrick because of the quality of the training, guaranteed placement at one of many large companies, a good salary and seniority progression.

  • Name: Kate Brooks
  • University: University of Leeds
  • Degree: Theoretical Physics

"Prior to joining Kubrick in September of 2020, I was completing my degree at the University of Leeds where I studied Theoretical Physics. In my final year, I focused on quantum physics, specifically quantum algorithms for my final master’s project. I was also lucky enough to be able to spend one of my years at university studying abroad in America. I attended Stony Brook University in New York State and it was an amazing experience both academically and personally.

I was compelled to pursue a career in data as I believe it is a massively underused resource which can play a part in solving so many issues we currently face as a society. Data has applications across countless industries, but I have always been particularly interested in the medical and pharmaceutical impacts of data. There are so many examples of the way medical data is being used daily to improve patients experience from diagnostic tools to better ways to track side effects of medications. I chose to pursue a career in data so I could be a part of these innovations and make my own contributions.

I found out about Kubrick in my final year at university and was drawn to apply due to the invaluable opportunity to keep learning after graduation and gain the skills I would need to be a data professional. After further research I was excited to apply, having seen the importance Kubrick place on diversity and their commitment to addressing the current under-representation of women in data.

The training at Kubrick was a fast-paced, but a great insight into data and the technical foundations required when working in this area. I completed the Machine Learning Engineering stream, despite having no prior experience in this area, and it was great to have all the concepts clearly explained and demonstrated and it’s given me a very solid foundation to build on further.

The culture at Kubrick is very supportive with trainers always willing to spend some extra time with you if you’re struggling. The people team is also very supportive. I would say one of the biggest bonuses of the Kubrick model is the large network you have available to ask for help during and beyond your training. Within your cohort there are 25 or so other people all starting their careers at the same time who are likely to be facing or have faced the same issues as you. This combined with the wider network of Kubrick consultants outside your cohort, who are always happy to offer advice and support, is a great way to start your career.

Out of the multiple projects we completed throughout training, the one I am most proud of was based around predicting customer churn. We were given a large database of transactions for a savings account; alongside this, we had a database of information about each customer. We were asked to use these two databases to predict, given the customers previous transactions, the likelihood that the customer would leave the bank in the next month. I particularly enjoyed this project as we had a lot of autonomy with how we decided to approach the problem and what methods we thought were most appropriate."


I completed the Machine Learning Engineering stream, despite having no prior experience in this area.

Training & Profiles

We offer bespoke, salaried training which is designed and delivered by industry experts, which replicates the real working environment. This training is divided into five unique practices that prepare consultants for different areas and roles within data and next-generation technology, providing a foundation of skill and experience to accelerate your career with longevity.

Overview of training:

- 15 weeks of instructor-led, salaried training delivered in a hybrid setting across the latest tools, tech, and professional skills relevant to your chosen practice area

- Support and guidance from our team of trainers and Readiness team

- Exposure to real-world projects and exercises that will give you the confidence to apply what you’ve learnt on site


'I feel privileged to be able to work on high profile projects with notable clients whilst managing the technical aspect of my work independently, this is mostly unheard of in other companies for someone who is straight out of University' (Data Engineer, Kubrick Group).

Application Procedure

Application Procedure

- Initial application to your preferred practice area via our website

- Telephone interview with member of recruitment

- Virtual assessments to help Kubrick determine whether you have the right competencies for the role – these tests are not designed to assess technical skills or understanding as we teach you this during training

- Video interview with a member of HQ

Our Culture

We’re a fast-growing, agile organisation that values hard work, collaboration, and innovation. We’ve evolved and expanded our specialisms to meet and anticipate the demands of tomorrow. We support one another, recognise achievements, celebrate the differences in others, encourage open communications, and are committed to giving our people the best tools to thrive. 

We recognise the power of diversity of thought and experience to overcome today’s biggest challenges and are champions of women in technology, with over 3x the industry average of females in technology roles.

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Our practices:

Learn more about our five unique practices below:

Data Engineering

As a Data Engineer, you will learn to organise, cleanse, align, and correlate complicated data sets to generate better insight and help businesses transform. We train our Data Engineers in cloud ecosystems and core programming software, including Python, SQL, Alteryx and Tableau, as well as provide overview of Machine Learning for versatility in all the most sought-after areas of data engineering and analytics.

Data Product

Learn to implement a blend of technical and business analysis skills to develop and deliver data-driven solutions for organisations. Our Data Product Consultants fully understand the needs and requirements of a business whilst being an intermediary between data, business, and technology. Skilled in the relevant data technologies, you will utilise your skills to translate data-driven solutions to internal stakeholders in today’s agile environment.

Data Management

Learn to integrate technology, data management, and domain knowledge with data governance expertise to meet key business objectives. Our Data Management Consultants combine relevant practical applications and conceptual theories to articulate, shape, and implement high-quality data governance within client organisations, embedding reliable and impactful data use in the heart of business functions.

Cloud Engineering

As a Kubrick Cloud Engineer, you will be critical in our clients’ digital transformation, helping evaluate their current infrastructure, explore options for moving to the cloud, and then oversee the migration and the maintenance of the new system. You will collaborate with your colleagues to embed cloud technology and best practice, revolutionising the capabilities and efficiency of teams and business functions of organisations in all industries.

Machine Learning Engineering

Learn about the industry-relevant techniques which are helping organisations to stay ahead of the curve, including Machine Learning models such as linear regression, random forests, and neural networks. Apply data science algorithms to solve real-world challenges like price prediction modelling, image classification, and sentiment analysis, delivering high-impact solutions for world-leading businesses.

Please note - Our 2022 Machine Learning Engineering cohort is now full and we have paused all hiring. We will resume hiring in due course.

Interested in joining one of our practices? Visit our latest jobs for the full descriptions and apply today!

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