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Your Challenge
Maybe you have just graduated from uni, just come back from travelling, or are looking to change careers. You know you want a fun & fast paced career with bags of progression and earnings potential. You know that given the chance you could shine but you just don’t know how to get a foot in the door. All the employers seem to want experience but how can you get any experience if no-one will give you an opportunity?

Well don’t worry because we are here. And we have been waiting for you.

We Can Help
Venatrix is a graduate recruitment solutions provider run by graduates for graduates. We have all navigated the tough early steps in choosing a career, impressing a potential employer and landing a dream job. Now we are ready to help you do the same. And we want to make you smile whilst doing it!

On top of all this, once Venatrix has placed you in a role you will have the opportunity to complete the 6 module Sales Academy to accelerate your learning curve and set you on the path to success.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Alex Tindall
  • Role: Team Leader
  • Joined: April 2016
  • University: Southampton Solent University
  • Degree: Architectural Technology

"Venatrix has been an incredible learning experience..."


I grew up with 3 siblings that helped develop my competitive nature and unnatural ability to always be prepared. I was the smallest in my year at school with big ambitions until a growth-spurt at the late age of 15 qualified me for the rugby team. Since then, my Saturdays have been for Rugby playing in the backs for a multitude of different teams. After graduating from University with a degree in Architectural Technology, I quickly realised that a more dynamic environment in sales would better suit my skill set. Venatrix has been an incredible learning experience and has allowed me to personal travel the world, including two business trips in New York and Boston.

Training & Profiles

The courses are attended by the graduates we have placed but can be attended by those searching for an introductory sales course -

  • Success is Calling!” – 2 days – A comprehensive introduction to business development & sales
    • “Build your skills” – 2 days – Building on the initial course to help you hone your new found sales skills
    • “LinkedIn for sales” – 1 day – Unlocks the power of LinkedIn to boost your profile and increase your sales
    • “Nifty Negotiation” – 1 day – Teaches you how to focus your negotiations on value rather than price
    • “Revenue generating relationships” – 1 day – How to make the most out of the contacts you have built
    • “Manage your time” – 1 day – Planning, prioritising and organising tips and tricks to make you exceptionally productive in your sales role.

Application Procedure

All the current Venatrix roles are listed on As soon as you make youe application one of our assess and respond to your application.

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