Who is more likely to get hired? A graduate or an experienced professional?

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An argument from the ages, who should be hired a graduate fresh from university or an experienced professional...

Why are graduates more likely to be hired?

When a fresh faced graduate leaves university, they have the world at their fingertips. So many opportunities they would like to experience. Their enthusiasm to grasp an opportunity is always a plus, however another advantage to employers is that a graduate on average has a lower starting salary at £24,000 based on research conducted by smallbusinessprices.co.uk. Whilst an experienced professional's average salary is £30,000. Even though a graduate has a lower starting salary, more training is needed due to the lack of experience and therefore more investment is needed in them in comparison to a experienced professional where less training is needed. Therefore, a graduate is cheaper to hire as they have a lower starting salary and but more investment is needed in their training.

Why are experienced professionals are more likely to be hired?

An experienced professional also has positive reasons to be hired. Such as: an experienced professional has a higher expectancy to stay in the job longer in comparison to a graduate. According to smallbusinessprices.co.uk a graduate is likely to stay in their job for 3 years whilst an experienced professional is more likely to stay in their job for 6 years. Which is double amount of time. Therefore questions, is investment in a graduate worth the hassle and money?

To conclude, there are positives and negatives in hiring a graduates and experienced professionals. We think that someone should be hired based on whether they would be able to do the job well and fit into the company team along with their values and competencies.