Best universities for big salaries revealed

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Posted on Friday 16th June 2017, by James Howell

Data released by the Department for Education has revealed which universities produce the highest earners.

In the latest edition of the Department for Education's 'Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO)' the department reveals which subjects and which universities are likely to give graduates the highest earning power. Oxford and Cambridge ultimately top the table but closer analysis of specific subjects show several universities competing with the best.

A Business and Administrative graduate from the University of Oxford commands a highest median salary of £71,000 after five years. Likewise the highest median salary for an Economics graduate from Cambridge can take home £61,000. However for subjects like Engineering and Technology and Architecture building and planning, graduates from the University of Aberdeen (£49,000) and Anglia Ruskin (£39,500) earn the most for their field.

Professor Anne Vignoles, Education professor at the University of Cambridge, is quoted in the Times Higher Education and says these findings are important for students.

"I think it is useful, not least in enabling us to understand that our system, rightly or wrongly, is pretty much a hierarchical HE system where people with the highest level of prior attainment...go on to get the highest level of earnings."

"We can worry about that and critique that but, from the students' perspective, it is important to know that."

Professor Vignoles also noted that this data could be skewed against graduates who pursue careers in more creative fields as they are more likely to be self-employed.