Economics graduates are able to apply their skills to a broad range of sectors and industries, as a knowledge of financial systems is useful to a variety of fields. Employers rate Economics degrees highly because they provide graduates with a solid combination of numerical and academic skills.

What can an Economics Graduate do?

Graduates with an Economics degree will find that they have many options when it comes to choosing a career. Many pursue positions in sectors where their degree is directly relevant, such as Accountancy, Finance, Consultancy, Sales, Banking, Management, Human Resources, and the Public Sector. Some positions may require further training, such as Accountancy, but Economics graduates have a good base with which to approach these studies.

The mix of skills attained while completing an Economics degree are applicable to many other fields as well. Economics graduates can consider careers in Marketing, Buying and Merchandising, Distribution and Logistics, and Advertising and PR. The ability to communicate clearly, work closely with data and make informed decisions make Economic graduates highly valued.

Source HECSU - What do graduates do? 2013.

Taking Stock of Skills

Economic graduates have diverse skills which are of value in many different fields;

Analysis - Economics graduates are able to analyse large amounts of data and reports which enables them to provide insightful feedback to businesses, financiers and companies. This skill is vital to many institutions, as it can impact big decisions or determine the direction of policy.

Communication - Companies want employees with a strong command of the English language and who are able to provide accurate written and oral content when dealing with clients or making presentations. Economics graduates are able to meet this need, having learned how to structure, write and argue effectively in length essays and reports.

Data Analysis - Economics graduates are skilled at taking different kinds of data and extracting the important information. Employers require this clear command of information in many different facets of business.

Numeracy skills - Managing data, working out budgets and managing wealth and production are all familiar to Economics graduates, and they should not underestimate the importance of these skills in relation to prospective jobs.

Research skills - Similar to data analysis, research is highly valued in all fields. Economics graduates are in a good position to demonstrate this key skill, especially when it comes to sourcing and processing data to derive informed recommendations for future action.