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    • What's the average salary for graduates in the Retail sector 2019?

      As of December 2019 the average starting salary for Retail graduates is £25,342. The average graduate starting salary in the UK in 2019 is £25,920.

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    • When should I apply for a graduate job in Retail?

      During the past 12 months(2019), the most number of graduate jobs in the Retail sector were posted during October and September, so these may be the most strategic months to apply.

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    • How hard is it to get a graduate job in the Retail sector?

      Based on our data, would suggest that it's "relatively difficult" to get a graduate job in the Retail sector compared to some other industry sectors - December 2019.

    • Do I need a 2.1 to get a job in the Retail sector?

      Based on our data, we suggest there's a "strong likelihood you would" require a 2.1 in order to get a job in Retail - December 2019.

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    • Where are the most graduate Retail jobs located in the UK?

      In the past 12 months (2019) the most Retail jobs posted to were located in Watford and Birmingham

    • Is Retail a popular career choice for UK students and graduates?

      The Retail sector does not appear in our Top 10 most popular sectors list for UK graduates. We don't consider it a popular career choice for graduates in the UK .

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