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Unlock Your Potential: Join Our Dynamic Team on our Business Change and Transformation Consultancy Programme.

Are you ready to elevate your career with a role that keeps you at the cutting edge of technology and business innovation?
We're looking for ambitious individuals to join our team as Business Change and Transformation Consultants, where you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside the world's leading brands in a diverse array of sectors. From retail to defence, banking to healthcare, our consultancy spans globally, offering you a platform to shine on an international stage.

Our programme is tailored for ambitious graduates seeking to dive into the world of consultancy, offering a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experience with top industry certifications. 

Embark on a rewarding career that promises not just growth but a chance to be part of something bigger. Dive into a world of opportunities with us today!

Kickstart Your Future: Our Intensive 9-Week Consultancy Training Programme
The programme begins with a dynamic 9-week intensive consultancy training, designed to align with the latest industry standards and client expectations. Led by seasoned industry experts through our interactive virtual academy, you'll dive into practical, scenario-based learning and hands-on projects that simulate real-world challenges. Upon completing your training, you’ll be well-equipped to collaborate with top brands across various sectors, contributing to exciting and diverse projects.

During your training, you will delve into a comprehensive suite of business analysis tools and methodologies essential for managing and leading change effectively. You will master the critical role of a business analyst in bridging communication gaps between stakeholders, tailoring solutions to meet organisational demands, and crafting cutting-edge business strategies. Additionally, you will enhance your project management skills by learning to pinpoint project risks, analyse critical paths, effectively manage, and delegate tasks to stakeholders, and produce pivotal project reports.

As part of your ongoing professional development, you will also have the opportunity to pursue recognised industry certifications, further enhancing your expertise and positioning you for excellence in your chosen professional discipline.

Our curriculum blends theoretical knowledge with interactive learning, incorporating digital resources, real-world projects, and remote work opportunities. Each day, you'll be supported by a dedicated subject matter expert and collaborate closely with a small group of peers, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

Upon completion, you'll possess the equivalent of one years of commercial experience, along with in-demand technical skills sought by our global clientele. This hands-on experience and expertise will position you as a valuable asset in the consultancy field, providing opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.

Why join us:
We stand at the forefront of global consultancy, facilitating some of the world’s premier companies in securing the expertise necessary for their success. A vital component of the Robert Walters Group, our rapidly expanding organisation boasts a familial atmosphere and an international presence in 28 countries. Overseeing budgets that surpass £2 billion, we specialise in the strategic sourcing and placement of professional individuals in over 60 countries annually. Our proficiency lies in guiding individuals through the initiation, transition, and advancement of their careers.

Embarking on a career with us not only means aligning with one of the world’s top companies but also gaining access to projects with leading brands worldwide. As a global pioneer, we have the capability to unlock doors for you into various industry sectors, within the United Kingdom and, for those who are interested, on a global scale.

This training programme will open opportunities with our globally recognised network of client, at which point you will be offered a generous starting salary with 6 monthly pay increases and rewards for high performers and those committed to continued learning.

Please note: The training period is unpaid.

Our consultants are the heart of our success. Here's why you should consider being part of our team:
Cutting-edge Training: Stay ahead in your field with top-notch training
Prestigious Partnerships: Work with global leaders, gaining invaluable experience
Personalised Growth: Craft your career with a plan that fits your ambitions
Lifelong Learning: Keep growing with ongoing learning opportunities
Professional Recognition: Gain affiliation with esteemed bodies, boosting your credibility
Inclusive Environment: Thrive in a diverse, supportive culture
Volunteer Opportunities: Make a difference with dedicated volunteer days
Mentorship: Get guidance from experienced professionals
Community Connection: Connect with peers for collaboration and support
Dedicated Support: Benefit from personalised assistance throughout your journey

The application & selection process:
Open to graduates with a bachelor’s degree (2:1 or above), our selection process evaluates both academic achievements and transferable skills through Video/Face to face interviews, aptitude and technical skills testing.

We encourage you to concentrate on advancing your career path without concern for location. Should you be open to relocating, we will provide support throughout this transition.

We aim to make our application process as accessible as possible. Please inform us if you require any adjustments.

What are the benefits:
In addition to the initial training and support, you will also enjoy a range of fantastic benefits once you are in a position:
• Starting salary between £28,000 - £32,000
• 6-monthly pay increases based on performance & continuous learning
• Starting bonus
• Annual bonus
• Relocation bursary (if needed)
• Continuous professional development and certifications through professional bodies
• Structured career progression
• Life insurance
• Generous holiday entitlement
• Private health insurance
• Access to a wide range of flexible benefits

Inclusive community:
We're committed to fostering inclusivity and social mobility, providing tailored support throughout your journey, including flexibility during the interview process, assistance during initial training, dedicated mentorship, and workplace adjustments to support your career ambitions. 

Ready to unlock your potential and join a global leader in consultancy? Apply now and kickstart your future with us! 

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