Find your graduate developer job. Learn about day to day responsibilities, starting salaries and much more.

The role of a Developer is to design, develop and produce an array of software and online products, from applications and programmes to websites and complete IT systems.

Starting a career as a Developer can be an exciting and varied career. Graduates that are looking to pursue a career in this need to be aware that it is rare that any two Developer positions are the same. Each will have its own speciality and own niche where graduates can be expected to contribute in different ways. This could be different types of web building, different types of programme designing or system building.

With this in mind, graduates should also be aware about the semantic variety that comes with these types of jobs. Developers could be called Software Engineers, Systems Programmers, Web builders and a range of other titles all meaning a similar thing and demanding similar skills.

While this is the case for a wide range of developer roles, graduates looking to pursue a career in this field do need the skills. It is highly unlikely that graduates from fields other than those related to computer science type degrees will be looking for work in this area, if they are not they will need to have extremely good computing skills. These range from having web languages perfected whether this is HTML, Java script or CSS.

Developer Salaries

The average starting salary for a graduate Developer is £29,968. This is a very respectable sum for graduates to start their careers earning and is competitive to similar jobs where graduates can provide a highly attained and in-demand set of skills.

Properly skilled developers are always in highly sought after. With developments in business and the world around us focusing more and more on digital and online solutions, companies are always looking to find graduates with the appropriate skills to supplement these needs. This is why some companies are paying such an incredible sum, because graduate developers are a rare breed.

The Daily Duties of a Developer

The daily life and duties of a Graduate Developer can vary a lot depending on what their specialism is. This could be specialising in online and web development, software development or systems development. Some Graduate Developers are even more specialised than that, such as Developers dealing with cyber security or those handling particular areas of development such as testing or particular types of programming languages.

However, in general terms, here are a few of the activities that graduates can expect to be doing as a Developer:

  • Web Building and Design - Graduate Developers may spend their days designing and building a range of websites and website functions. For this graduates need to be completely comfortable with things like HTML, Java Script, C++ and a whole host of other web building languages.
  • Programming - Graduates looking for a career as a Developer also need to be able to design and create programmes and systems. This requires graduates to have a deep understanding of how computers work and how they can be programmed.
  • Support - Graduate developers often can play a part in support functions. This includes providing solutions to problems encountered by companies ranging from minor computer faults right up to full system failures.
  • Security - A growing area for developers is security and online protection. With cyber threats growing by the day, businesses, organisations and the government are looking to graduates for to help build and fortify these organisations for protection against potentially highly damaging attacks.
  • Client solutions - Many of the developer related IT roles require graduates to provide solutions to the problems of clients. This could be tailoring new systems or programmes to the design and need of outside companies. This kind of work can rely on time spent on-site with other companies, designing and developing bespoke programmes or systems.

Graduate careers as Developers, in all its various and specialities, can be rewarding. There is always a high demand for graduates with the necessary skills and know-how to help organisations with computers and technology. Graduates who can demonstrate these skills will always be able to apply them in relevant fields and start a rewarding career. Whatever a graduate's specific speciality as a Developer, they can make great strides early on in their careers and reap the rewards that come with it.