Computer Science graduates are a prized asset at any company because of their IT skills. It is nearly impossible for a modern business to prosper without an online presence, and most companies rely on computers and other technology to keep their business running - which means the skills Computer Science graduates possess are highly sought after in the graduate job market.

What can a Computer Science Graduate do?

All companies require someone with an understanding of computers, computer functions, software, networks, programming and website building to keep their systems running. Computer Science graduates can play to their strengths as their IT talents allow them to choose which field they want to work in.

Computer Science graduates should consider how they can demonstrate their skills to employers. It is recommended that students endeavour to gain experience during their time at university, perhaps building websites for student societies or creating software as part of university projects. Companies will want to see a portfolio which provides evidence of a graduate's skills.

The majority of Computer Science graduates manage to find work in a related field. Areas such as Computing and IT and Science and Technology are always looking for creative and talented graduates who can contribute to the company straightaway, perhaps creating new technologies for companies like Detica or BAE, or helping combat cyber crime. Graduates need to be able to show that they possess the technical skills, as well as appropriate social and communication skills.

Other fields which Computer Science graduates may consider include business-related roles. Sectors such as Consultancy, Sales, Marketing or Management all require someone with an understanding of computing. Graduates from Computer Science can help make projects commercially viable, keep systems running and bring an awareness of particular types of products to Sales or Marketing.

Source HECSU - What do graduates do? 2013.

Taking Stock of Skills

Alongside the technical skills gained while working towards a Computer Science degree, graduates from this field have a range of abilities to offer employers.

Communication - Computer Science graduates are adept at communicating. Like most university students, they have worked on countless projects and essays - but Computer Science graduates also possess the ability to explain complex technical ideas to those without the same level of understanding. This particular type of communication skill is vital to many businesses.

Independent and self-motivated - Computer Science graduates have spent a lot of time working on individual projects and know how to stay motivated without requiring micro-management. This ability to work independently is important for success at many companies and will be sought after by employers.

Numerical skills - Like other sciences, Computer Science relies heavily on maths and a strong numerical understanding. These skills are beneficial for any employee in any industry, but especially in business or finance-related fields.

Problem solving - Lateral thinking and problem solving skills are important for success in Computer Science. A graduate's experience fixing bugs and viruses or repairing website issues will have developed strong problem solving skills and given graduates the ability to look at issues from a fresh angle.

Programming and building - One of the unique skills possessed by Computer Science graduates, the ability to understand programming languages, build software, and fix and create networks is vital to many businesses. This key skill makes Computer Science graduates stand out and means they have a lot of value to offer to potential employers.