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  • Entry Level - CAD-BIM-Architectural Drawings

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    Interview process

    My interview had been arranged after my CV/Portfolio had been sent to the head of the architecture department. Basically we went through my portfolio, and I had to go through and discuss each one of my building designs. It really helped me with my confidence, as I could just talk about my designs and focus on what I new best, which gradually helped me feel much less anxious as the interview progressed.

    We also discussed my dissertation, which luckily brought up a mutual interest in refurbishment, an area that my interviewer had worked with in the past. That gave me the chance to bring up a personal story of a building that I had studied for a project at university, a conversation point that helped break up the somewhat formal atmosphere if the interview.

    Despite not having a lot of practical experience, I tried my best to show how eager I was to start a career in that industry, and to gain some real,hands-on experience, all of which I felt would help my chances of being hired.

    Most difficult question

    How much time would you need to get back into working with CAD software?

    I.e. Because while I was at university we switched to working primarily with building information modelling software, we relied much less on normal CAD software, that meant that I would need a few weeks to get used to it again.

    Interview tips

    Firstly, just be yourself during your interview, and focus on the points that you know you would feel confident talking about.

    Secondly, don't worry too much about practicing what you want to talk about before your interview, as invariably, the actual conversation during the interview itself may end up being almost entirely different to what you had imagined it would be!.

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    • Phone
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    • Group / Panel
    • Senior Management
    • Video


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    • Group exercise
    • Background check
    • Presentation
    • Competency based questions

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