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Consumerism has changed for the better. Challenger brands are fuelling innovation, and we level the playing field for them to thrive.

Young Foodies was founded upon the belief that consumers have changed, but the industry has not. Consumers want innovation that is better quality, better for them and better for the world. This progress should be celebrated and brands delivering on this should be empowered.

In 2017 we launched to bring the most exciting challenger brands in FMCG together, because collaboration is more powerful than competition.

Today, with a network of more than 1,000 high-growth consumer brands, we provide specialised business services to those looking to reach the next level. We have a powerful mix of backgrounds, from high-growth challengers (PROPER, Ella’s Kitchen, Graze) to well-established corporations (Mars, Sainsbury’s, P&G, M&S).