As with any royal event, the Royal Wedding that will take place tomorrow has created a lot of hot debate and polarised opinions. Some will be eagerly watching the ceremony on television tomorrow, others will simply be utilising the day off. Some are currently camping outside Westminster Abbey, whilst others are putting together their protest signs. On first thought, it's strange that something like a wedding, could cause such zealous support and demonstration - there's even anti-monarchy plays being performed tomorrow at Cardiff and South Shields! Yet the underlying issues are worth discussing, should a family get taxpayers money despite being multi-millionaires? Should a family inherit certain special rights? Does the tourism income justify these special privileges? And even though many of us are immediately thankful, should a national holiday be declared for one couple's marriage? Many of those against the monarchy make their points not so much on fiscal grounds as those of equality and universal rights. We should all be treated similarly should we not? Regardless, of the pros and cons of its effects, the royal family is on principle a stand against equality and fairness. However, think about how well we all do, and Britain does with the monarchy. Not just the tourism cash that funds our hospitals, police force and other public services, but also the amount of jobs it creates, not least graduate jobs. You don't have to be working in Buckingham Palace either to benefit from employment prospects that the Royals have created. Every royal themed post card, event and marketing plan has required the knowledge and services of graduates and undoubtedly created graduate jobs. What are your views on the Royal wedding and the Royal family in general. Are they a benefit or a beguilement to the country?