I am forever arguing with myself about whether or not I feel increasing tuition fees for Universities is a good thing or a bad thing.

As we all know, this has been a hot topic in the news over past months; if not years. As I joined university I was hit by the increasing £3000 a year fees which I thought were bad enough…but £9000 that leaves me baffled.

I always knew there was a reason to be happier now than at University…yes this is it, at least it will do for now - at least until it is decided interest paid on student loan repayments will increase with salary at which point I wish I was a student again now paying this debt back - another hot news topic. I have two clear arguments in my head about this and for once I can make a judgement as a graduate as opposed to a student.

On one hand I think it is an absolute outrage to think that universities can ever be allowed to charge £9000 a year; this doesn't leave much hope for society. More people will choose not to attend, leaving more people lower qualified and therefore even more people unemployed. Having said that, it may also increase the number of students opting for an alternative education. For example, apprenticeships which will therefore fill the gaps that are missing now. Greater fees will also lead to greater graduate debts...which, let's face it, a majority of the population will never pay off anyway for one reason or another.

Additionally, having £9000 a year tuition fees will mean less people will attend University , does that imply that a degree will mean more in the future? Nowadays so many people have a degree you need to do even more to differentiate from the next person. Although is it fair that people don't go to university because they do not have the funds to do so and do not wish to have a massive student debt behind them before they even begin their career? Surely not, surely a limitation on your academic progress should be limited only by ability, not ability and the size of your wallet.

However, this is the decision that has been made by the government and now it is simply a matter of watching a seeing how it pans out, to see if it is for the better. But unfortunately, for others it means forking out a considerably larger chunk of money for an education.