Comic Relief 2011


As many of you would have seen, the centrepiece of the BBC's media campaign this month was Comic Relief. A day where the best (and sometimes not so brilliant) of Britain's entertainment talent gets together in order to ask us all to give a tiny proportion of our income to a place where it will be put to much better use.

Yet if you are a graduate job hunter it can remind you of the lack of income that you have to give away, no matter how good your intentions are! We've all been in the position for one reason or another of having to severely cut back on what we spend on ourselves let alone on others and it can be tough.

Whilst job hunting, many graduates cannot afford to do much with the overwhelming amounts of free time they have because of financial limitations. When you have copious amounts of free time and nothing to do in it apart from apply to jobs, many of which you may get a negative response from, it can make you feel very despondent. There seems little time to think of others, you have to get your own career and life on track first, right?

Well the other thing that Comic Relief does exceedingly well is putting a sense of perspective on life. Job hunting as a graduate can be tough but there are always people in greater need of help, and not just slightly but by a long shot. We remember that working hard to find a job every day is nothing compared to trying to find clean drinking water.

So from this gentle reminder that occurs once a year we can draw inspiration to do two things; to donate, and help make a change where it is needed most, and to remember that we are very fortunate and should not get too disheartened but to carry on job applying until we find that graduate job we want.

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