Meet Rebecca, part of the Assurance team for the London Client Hub, based in the Birmingham office

How did you join PwC (Graduate) Team: Assurance - London Client Hub, Birmingham

Tell us about your role - what would a typical day look like?

The variety of the London Client Hub role means that each day is different - I’ve worked on a range of projects with different teams, which means I get a lot of exposure to new people and situations.  Most days I’m based in our Birmingham office but every so often I travel to London for client meetings, training and socials. We work closely with our teams completing aspects of audit testing and stay in regular contact with our clients based in London. I really enjoy the variety of my role, as it  gives me the chance to learn new skills, build my network and develop a greater understanding of a clients needs. I’m also responsible for coaching newer colleagues which is really rewarding.

What do you enjoy the most about the Assurance London Client Hub role?

The thing I enjoy most about the Assurance London Client Hub role is the opportunity to meet and work alongside so many different people. The atmosphere in the Birmingham office is fun and inclusive with people at different grades and across different business units working in a collaborative space together.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked so far?

The most exciting project I’ve been a part of involved working with a large asset management client. This included trips to London to meet the client as well as virtual meetings from Birmingham. I was involved in testing the client’s control environment and was able to add value by identifying control weaknesses to help the client improve their overall control environment. My confidence in holding client meetings grew whilst working on this project as I learned the importance of building lasting client relationships.

How do you find working on London clients from Birmingham?

As the clients we work on are based in London, along with some of our audit team, this differs from traditional audit engagements where we would usually be based at the client’s office. The London Client Hub Team embraces a range of technology to help us keep in touch with our colleagues and clients, all underpinned by ‘G Suite’ which allows us to make maximum use of mobile and cloud technologies to connect, share and collaborate anywhere, on any device and in real time.

How has PwC supported your personal development?

Everyone at PwC has a Career Coach who supports all aspects of your personal development. We’re encouraged to get involved in opportunities outside our core role, for example I’ve been involved in developing the new student selection process, and I’m taking part in a leadership programme which involves shadowing senior team members to develop my own leadership skills.

In Assurance we study towards the ACA qualification, the study and exams can be challenging but PwC support me financially, and help me to prepare with study and exam leave. I’m learning on the job in the client work I do, but also through external classroom and online courses to ensure I’m well prepared.

What have you achieved at PwC so far that you are most proud of?

From day one at PwC you quickly pick up new skills and technical knowledge.  You are soon able to coach others and help your peers in areas that you have gained experience in. The London Client Hub team all work in the same area across many different levels and variety of experiences. This allows everyone to be able to share their knowledge and help each other. I am most proud of being able to pass on my knowledge and coach those who joined after me.

Tell us a bit about what life is like at PwC, both in your team and within your office?

The London Client Hub role means that I have had the opportunity to work and socialise alongside a variety of teams in both London and Birmingham This year I’ve taken part in an office sports day, mini golf and bowling, as well as a  business unit ball. Every Friday in Birmingham we have a quiz in the office across the whole Assurance London Client Hub team for some friendly competition.

Describe your career at PwC in 3 words

Rewarding. Challenging. Friendships.  To find out more about the PwC Assurance Graduate Programme and to apply, click here.