5 ways to prepare for an assessment day


Assessment days can be stressful, but here are five ways to help you prepare for the big day.

Before you go to an assessment day you will know what the company does, the ins and outs of the role and may even have prepared a presentation for the big day - but you need to be focused to really show the employer you're the candidate for them.

Here's five proven techniques to help you prepare for an assessment day.

1. Sleep and Eat Well

Assessment days can be long and arduous so you need to make sure you're in the best shape possible. We are not recommending you get marathon or match fit, but you need to last the course. Most importantly you need to get a good night's sleep of at least 8 hours.

KPMG's new Launch Pad process combines a range of application processes into one day, so you need to maintain your energy levels for the day of activities ahead. Make sure you have a good breakfast with slow releasing energy foods such as porridge or wholemeal toast and peanut butter.

Top tip: Some assessment days may provide a lunch but don't forget to pack some snacks to keep you going. We recommend a banana or a wholegrain cereal bar.

2. Smart-smart not smart casual

We all know the expected dress code for interviews and the same should be applied to assessment days. Not only will looking the part help you impress employers and show you mean business, but it will also help you find the frame of mind to impress employers.

Don't forget you can take a bag too. Pack some essentials for the assessment day, such as a small notepad, a few pens and maybe a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

3. Relax

No doubt any assessment day will be a big thing for you, but relax - you can do it! Plenty of sleep, eating well and drinking plenty of water will help you relax but there are a few techniques that should help you relax.

Try to think of people and things which make you relaxed and happy. During the interview or assessment centre tasks, try slow and deep breathing to help calm any jitters. Take advantage of breaks to get some fresh air, keep a strong, up-right posture to help you focus and avoid tension when answering questions.

4. Network

KPMG's Launch Pad sets aside time dedicated to networking and this is a great opportunity to learn more about the company and its culture. Candidates should prepare some ice breakers and opening questions to pitch to members of staff. Use this chance to settle any queries about the graduate scheme or your career more generally.

Remember: Try to engage with staff on a personal level and find out their personal experiences.

5. Enjoy it

A fantastic way to thrive during an assessment centre it to enjoy it. It is a wonderful experience and you will learn so much during the day so enjoy it. If you try and enjoy it you will exude a confidence and an openness that will impress employers. Employers will understand if you're nervous -but if you can thrive under the pressure, and revel in it, they will see your brilliant potential.

Assessment centre days, like KPMG's Launch Pad, are an important stage in finding your graduate career. There are lots of ways you can prepare for the big day but remember to stay calm and leave a good impression.

Find out more about KPMG's Launch Pad, and apply for their graduate and undergraduate opportunities now.