In the news this week, tuition fees are on the rise! Anyone getting sick of that old story? Anyone dreading that old story? I would imagine those who have opted for a gap year are. That could be something which will prove to be quite expensive.

For those unaware of the details, it boils down to this - as you probably know, currently tuition fees are paid for by the government (i.e. the taxpayer) on loan, and the graduate pays back the government once they start working in full time employment, at a reduced rate. What the government is now suggesting will happen is that student loans will have the same rate of interest as a regular loan. Furthermore, there is a "soft cap" estimate of a delicious £7,000 per year.

How do you avoid these gargantuan and rather scary figures? The short answer is you can't, unless you come from a low income family in which case you will receive the lower interest rate that current graduates enjoy. But you still have that hefty £7k to work away at which even the richest and most well off don't pay at the moment.

If the proposed plan goes ahead it seems like a double blow is on the cards for those wishing to attend university. Not only will you have to pay over twice as much as current students but it is going to be a tougher grind to pay back with a regular interest rate pushing the finishing post increasingly further away. It is understandable that we are trying to recover an economy but surely a double whammy like this is a little drastic and unfair, no?