Tracking Tax Evasion and Taking Tube fares - #HottestjobsintheWorld


Tracking tax evasion and Taking tube fares - #HottestjobsintheWorld

Once again it's been a busy week for graduates and the graduate job market. But here at we're devouted to keeping things simple. So every week we round of the five most popular jobs currently being advertised to you can keep your finger on the pulse.

And don't worry if you think that just because these jobs are popular it's not worth you applying, because you'd be wrong. All these positions in this week's #HottestjobsintheWorld are looking to take on more than one graduate. So don't delay, here are this week's #HottestjobsintheWorld...

5. Finance Graduate Scheme - Transport for London

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What you need to know: Two year scheme, with a £26,000 salary and working with all aspects financial management, business planning and financial performance
What you need to show: 2.2 Degree in Maths, Business or similar, great numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning
Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Finance and Accounting

TfL has managed to swop one Graduate Scheme in the #HottestjobsintheWorld for another, with their Marketing and Communications Scheme making an appearance last week. This Finance Graduate Scheme is a fully immersive training scheme for graduates who want to start their careers in Finance. Successful applicants will end up working in one of three areas: London Rail and Underground, Surface Transport and Specialist Services. The scheme is staged over three years, with specialisms being developed at each stage.

4. Area Manager - Aldi

What you need to know: Locations across the UK, fast paced graduate scheme to lead successful applicants to a world of retail management with a salary of £41,000.
What you need to show: 2.1 degree, full and clean driving license and an enthusiasm to work in Retail management
Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Retail, Customer Service and Management

Back again after a several week absence in the #HottestjobsintheWorld Top 5. Aldi are very particular about their graduate employees, but when they find the one they want they will support them and encourage them through every step of the scheme. Graduates who make it onto the Area Manager graduate scheme are expected to embrace the responsibility from day one and use their team working skills to make sure the entire team is motivated and performing well.

3. Higher Data Analytics Officers - HMRC

What you need to know: Earning between £28,780 and £32,379, working in locations up and down the UK and helping HMRC find those who avoid, evade and defraud their taxes
What you need to show : 2.2 degree in a numerate subject, experience of analysing data and be keen to learn to tools and how to use new software
Perfect role if you're interested in: Public Sector and Services and Research and Analysis

HMRC are always looking to clamp down on those who avoid, evade and defraud the UK Tax System. They are looking to employ Higher Data Analytics Officers to join their team to help ensure the government is receiving the revenue it is owed. Successful applicants will be gathering information from within and outside the UK, analysing it and helping us focus on those people who deliberately target the tax system through fraud, evasion and avoidance.

2. Graduate Opportunities - J.P. Morgan

What you need to know: Based in Edinburgh, Bournemouth and Other European Locations, working on one of J.P. Morgan's fantastic development schemes starting this summer
What you need to show : 2.1 degree, be a team player and able to demonstrate you have the potential to be a future leader
Perfect role if you're interested in: Accounting, Consultancy, Management and Finance

J.P. Morgan are traditionally a large graduate employer and they are looking for graduates that want a first class career working with the best. They are looking for graduates to start in Summer 2015 and on range of programmes in various locations, in particular they are looking for graduates to join them on their Global Wealth Management Scheme in Paris, or it could be their Operations Scheme in Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Bournemouth or Edinburgh.

J.P. Morgan are looking for team players to apply and they also want to see future leaders with drive, creativity and interpersonal skills, who have strong academic credentials and achievements outside the classroom.

And the official #HottestjobsintheWorld is...

1. Generalist Programme - Lloyd's

What you need to know: Based in London, with a salary of £26,000 and working with the oldest and most innovative Insurance firms in the world
What you need to show : Good academic record, a 2.2 or higher and sharp analytical skills and the ability to think laterally
Perfect role if you're interested in: Insurance, Accounting and Research and Analysis

I questioned last week why the Lloyds Generalist Role had not been seen in the #HottestjobsintheWorld sooner, but now it seems immovable - staying top for a second week.

Lloyd's are an iconic organisation to work for. They are innovative leaders in the Insurance sector and have a long history in the field. They have a 24 month programme and are looking for sharp, academic and analytical graduates to complete four placements in both the Corporation and the market covering claims, underwriting and broking.

Successful graduate applicants could manage relationships with international regulators or examine the potential impact of a catastrophe on Lloyd's itself. They might help underwriting specialists assess risks in the market or assist claims with assessing levels of loss. Wherever they are placed, they'll be guaranteed a fully rounded experience within Lloyd's.
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