According to new statistics, the number of graduates available to recruiters is declining. The reason for this is being attributed to many more graduates continuing their education onto master's degrees or taking a gap year and going travelling due to the "scaremongering" by the media concerning the job market. There are some assumptions that are made with this connection that could be questioned. Firstly, it assumes that graduates listen to the media. And I don't mean that in the sense that they literally don't listen, watch or read the news but that they are smart enough to critically assess the information they are fed and maybe didn't agree that job hunting would be an impossible task. Secondly, it assumes that the rise in people taking further education is because of the recession and the recently poorer job market. In a society where now it is much more expected and normal for people to attend university and obtain a bachelor's degree it seems natural for some people to highlight a master's as the next step. If you cast a glance back a few decades to the 1970s it was only the top academics who went on to University and sought a degree. Most would go straight into employment of some kind immediately after school and/or gain an apprenticeship. The bachelor's degree set you apart back in the '70s, it was something more uncommon and special. So it is understandable when students reason that now degrees are the common denominator, a master's must be the way forward. Finally, there is no hard data to support the argument that more people are going travelling and even if there was, this could be laid down to a number of different factors. Again, a comparison to the past shows that people never used to be able to travel around the world so easily, with transport links getting better and cheaper (yes, I know, hard to believe but true) who wouldn't turn down the opportunity to go travelling? And what better time to partake in such an opportunity than the transition between university and working life? But maybe this is all tiptoeing around the real issue. Maybe the press really did scare a lot of people, rightly or wrongly, into avoiding employment for a year. So, who better to ask than the members of You can vote in the poll as to what decisions you made and also feel free to leave comments below about what persuaded those decisions.