Trees and Contamination - #UndertheRadar


Trees and Contamination - #UndertheRadar

The #UndertheRadar 5 is back. This week we've gathered some of the most unusual graduate positions available on right now. They range from positions working with Forests and biological hazards to Mortgage clubs and land inspecting. All these roles are not just unusual because they are looking for niche sets of skills but because they offer something rarely seen in graduate job hunts.

So what are you waiting for, tidy up and tailor your CVs and get applying now to this week's #UndertheRadar Jobs!

5. Graduate Planner - Hallam Land Management

What you need to know: Based in Sheffield and Leeds, starting as soon as possible and responsible for inspecting land for development
What you need to show: RTPI accredited degree, understand the planning system and be self driven
Perfect if you're interested in: Architecture and Construction, Property and Environmental

Hallam Land Management are part of Henry Boot, a leading property, land and construction companies in the country. They are looking for a Graduate Planner to join them in Leeds and Sheffield. The successful applicant will be responsible for the identification, investigation, analysis and appraisal of suitable land for development purposes through the appropriate region in accordance with Company policy and objectives.

4. Graduate Analyst - Opus Energy

What you need to know: Based in Oxford, with a salary of £23,000 to £25,000 and on a two year scheme working to keep the company on track through analytical support
What you need to show: 2.1 degree, A level in Maths and strong analytical and numerical skills
Perfect if you're interested in: Research and Analysis and Energy and Utilities

Opus Energy are a leading gas and electricity supplier to the business sector, supplying energy to over 180,000 business properties in the UK. They are looking for a numerical and analytical graduate to join them as an Analyst and help keep the business on track through analytical support. This is a two year scheme where successful applicants will undergo a rotation through the business, alongside this they will receive a senior mentor to support them through the scheme.

Some of the duties that successful applicants can expect to be involved in include: Keeping on top of all the complicated costs of energy supply, helping to set process, understanding our profitability and setting strategy for future growth.

3. Graduate Development Programme - Forestry Commission

What you need to know: Based in Scotland or England, with a salary of £24,020 and a two year programme of field and office work
What you need to show: 2.1 Degree, articulate and a quick learner
Perfect if you're interested in: Environmental and Management

The Forestry Commission is the government department responsible for managing and expanding forests and woodland in England and Scotland. They are looking to recruit graduates to their two year programme in the hope to continue their good work. The two year programme where successful applicants can expect to me involved in a range of activities both office based and outdoor. Along the way successful applicants will be supported by an experienced mentoring team, ensuring tasks like writing forestry management policies and managing a range of projects are successful.

2. Mortgage and Protection Services - Paradigm Mortgage Services

What you need to know: Working in London and with a salary of upto £30,000, the graduate will work to provide technical support for both mortgages and protection to Paradigm members
What you need to show: Ability to work independently, good communication skills and a conscientious approach to work
Perfect if you're interested in: Customer Service and Insurance

Paradigm Mortgage Services is now regarded as the UK's " premier" directly authorised mortgage distribution business. They are looking for a bright graduate to join the company to join them in their Services department. This could include a wide range of tasks including but not limited to: recruiting new members, developing Paradigm propositions to all member firms or supporting and being involved in the Paradigm Road shows and Workshops.

1. Biological Hazards Scientific Officer - Defra

What you need to know: Based in Stafford, with a salary of £27,400 and working at the heart of the UK's Government Decontamination Service
What you need to sho w: Proven track record in Biological sciences and strong project management and leadership skills
Perfect if you're interested in: Environmental, Public Sector and Services and Science and Technology

Defra, or the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, are looking for a graduate to join them in Stafford for a career in Biological Hazards. The role, located at the heart of the Government's Decontamination Service, is not one that is easily pinned down. On Monday you could be co-ordinating and managing the nation's decontamination capability, but on Tuesday could be representing Defra at cross-Whitehall meetings on policy.

For this role they are obviously looking for an incredibly strong background in Biology and things like microbiology. They also want to see that the prospective graduate will have the skills to enforce them int he work place, particularly leadership and project management skills.

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