Transforming Offenders and Training Solicitors - #HottestjobsintheWorld


Transforming Offenders and Training Solicitors - #HottestjobsintheWorld

Once again, it is a cut-throat week for the Top 5 #HottestjobsintheWorld, with just one remnant from this week from last week. Graduates who are looking to start their careers at some of the best and most competitive and rewarding companies should look no further and prep their applications for these five jobs listed below.

Here at the most popular jobs from the last 7 days, and it is easy to see why they've been so popular. Taken from a range of Sectors and for graduates with a range of Degrees it is easy to see why these roles are so sought after.

So don't wait any longer, get your CVs, Covering Letters and Application forms at the ready and apply now to these #HottestjobsintheWorld...

5. Training Contract - Hogan Lovells

What you need to know: Based in London, with a starting salary of £39,500 and the opportunity to start your journey to be a fully trained solicitor
What you need to show: Excellent academic achievement, 2.1 degree, capable of independent work and have the ambition to succeed at a global law firm
Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Legal and Law

Hogan Lovells are a leading global law firm and they are looking to take on their next generation of solicitors. The firm has a global reputation in areas like corporate, finance, dispute resolution, government regulatory and intellectual property. They are looking to fill training contracts for February and August 2017 intakes. The training contract is a two year rotational training scheme where you will be educated by the firm in various areas, before becoming a fully qualified solicitor after you pass your exams.

4. Intelligence Analyst - GCHQ

What you need to know: Based in Cheltenham, with a salary of £26,275 working to examine data from around the world to protect the UK
What you need to show: Great IT skills, fantastic analytical skills and be a great team player
Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Computing and IT, Military and Defence and Research and Analysis

It was only a matter of time until GCHQ started to resurface in the #HottesttjobsintheWorld. GCHQ (aka Government Communications Head Quarters) or the Big doughnut looking building in the west country) are looking for analytical graduates who will be bale, with the right training, examine and execute high levels of analysis and turn data into critical intelligence. Applicants are not only expected to have a strong intellectual curiosity but also have their finger on the pulse in terms of technology and current affairs.

3. Graduate Scheme - Tesco Bank

What you need to know: Based in Edinburgh, with a salary of £26,000 on a 24 month programme
What you need to show : A minimum 2:1 degree, lots of energy and a real passion to succeed
Perfect role if you're interested in: Accounting, Banking, Finance, Management and Internet and Digital Media

Tesco Bank have launched their graduate scheme and it is no surprise to see it fly straight into #HottestjobsintheWorld Top 5. They have launched a range of programmes and are looking for graduates to join them for 24 months in Scotland. Energetic and bright graduates can apply for one of the following programmes to kick off their careers: General Leadership, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Digital Development, Risk, IT and Business Change and Digital and Marketing

2. Intelligence Officer Development Programme - MI5

What you need to know: Based in London, with a salary of £25,679 and starting a immersive career in investigation and security
What you need to show : 2.2 degree in any subject, confident communicators and have a high attention to detail
Perfect role if you're interested in: Research and Analysis, Media and Public Sector

Still hanging on at the top end of the #HottestjobsintheWorld - this is a job that graduates just can't get enough of, remaining in the top three for a fourth consecutive week. The opportunity to join MI5 on their Intelligence Officer Development programme is something that always excites graduates from across all degrees.

In your first two years, graduates undergo their Foundation in Investigative training then can move on to a range of areas for two years like, International Counter Terrorism, assessment, Northern Ireland Related Terrorism, Counter Intelligence (espionage) or cyber intelligence, before becoming a ratified Intelligence Officer.

And the official #HottestjobsintheWorld is...

1. Probation Graduate Diploma - National Probation Service

What you need to know: Based in various locations, this is an opportunity to make a difference to people's lives and transform communities
What you need to show : Relevant degree, experience in dealing with difficult people and or experience working in voluntary organisations like drug and alcohol rehabilitation would be looked on favourably
Perfect role if you're interested in: Public Sector

What a fantastic role to take this week's #HottestjobsintheWorld title. The National Probation Service is a fantastic way for any graduate to start their career and it has certainly been inspiring many graduates to send in their applications.

They are looking for a graduate who has fully committed to rehabilitating offenders and to approach every case they face with integrity. They must be able to handle and work with difficult people and apply a thoughtful approach to everything they do. This is a graduate training programme where successful applicants will gain lifelong skills and approaches to helping rehabilitate offenders. After the programme, you will receive a Diploma in Community Justice and be ready to embark on a career in rehabilitation and probation.

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