We are now in the thick of graduate scheme season and this is typified by the top five most popular roles from this week. We've got them from a range of sectors and range of roles, all offering some fantastic career opportunities. Graduates who really want to prove themselves should work on their applications to show the companies exactly why they are the best possible candidate. So, what are you waiting for? Get your applications ready and into the mix, here are the #HottestjobsintheWorld...

5. Area Manager - Aldi

What you need to know: Locations across the UK, fast paced graduate scheme to lead successful applicants to a world of retail management with a salary of £41,000.
What you need to show: 2.1 degree, full and clean driving license and an enthusiasm to work in Retail management Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Retail, Management and Customer Service This is a role that is forever popping up in the #HottestjobsintheWorld, and that is because Aldi are a fantastic graduate employer who, when they have chosen their graduate for a position, really support them through each step of the way. Graduates who make it onto the Area Manager graduate scheme are expected to embrace the responsibility from day one and use their team working skills to make sure the entire team is motivated and performing well.

4. Houses of Parliament (Generalist) - Civil Service Fast Stream

What you need to know: Working in the Houses of Parliament, with a wide range of demanding duties and working for the parliament - not the government of the day
What you need to show: 2.2 degree with a passionate interest in constitution, politics and public policy Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Public Sector and Services This is a fascinating new role, recently posted to graduate-jobs.com. The role is focused around supporting the operations and developments in the Houses of Parliament. Successful applicants can expect to be doing anything from facilitating debates, scrutinising legislation to briefing Members as well as supporting the management of two complex and evolving institutions. There may also be opportunities to travel either in support of select committees or as part of the temporary staff of international parliamentary assemblies.

3. Graduate Programme 2015 - Telefonica (O2)

graduate jobs What you need to know: Two year graduate scheme to take bright graduates and transform them into business leaders, plenty of streams open with a salary of £30,000 plus benefits
What you need to show: 2.1 degree, innovative, ambitious and excited by the possibilities of the digital world Perfect role if you're interested in: Computing and IT, Telecommunications, Accounting, Finance, Research and Analysis, Technology and Marketing Telefonica (O2) are looking for the best and brightest graduates to help them progress into the digital world. They want tech literate and innovative graduates with a 2.1 to join their team to come up with the next innovative thing in their area. They are offering a wide range of areas that successful applicants can specialise in, from Strategy, Operations, IT and Networks to HR, Marketing and Finance (3 years).

2. Graduate Programme - Red Bull

What you need to know: Based in Austria, on an 18 month scheme to get first rate business training.
What you need to show: Proven academic record with extra curricular achievements and work experience is essential. Perfect role if you're interested in: Finance, Media, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing This has been an incredibly popular Graduate Scheme with several streams that are getting the graduates very excited. They are Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations, IT and Media Technologies, Finance and Media. This is an 18 month based in either Salzburg or Fuschal Am See. To get started on this awesome graduate scheme, Red Bull want to see a proven and successful academic record, achievements in extra curricular activities and having work experience is essential.

And the official #HottestjobsintheWorld is...

1. Intelligence Office Development Programme - MI5

What you need to know: Based in London, with a salary of £25,679 and starting a immersive career in investigation and security
What you need to show : 2.2 degree in any subject, confident communicators and have a high attention to detail Perfect role if you're interested in: Research and Analysis, Military and defence and Public Sector Holding on to the top spot for a second week, this week's winner is a constantly popular role. The opportunity to join MI5 on their Intelligence Officer Development programme is something that always excites graduates from across all degrees. In your first two years, graduates undergo their Foundation in Investigative training then can move on to a range of areas for two years like, International Counter Terrorism, assessment, Northern Ireland Related Terrorism, Counter Intelligence (espionage) or cyber intelligence, before becoming a ratified Intelligence Officer.