Being a job-hunting graduate is difficult. Anyone who has been in that position will agree. Moving home, lack of social life, no income - the problems are endless. But making life even more difficult are the graduHaters who bring graduates down. Here are the top five culprits:

1. The obscure relative who asks what you're doing with your life at every opportunity

This cheeky person likes to clear their throat at family gatherings and loudly put you on the spot about your life choices. How to quash them: Give them a horrible jumper at Christmas and demand they wear it for the whole holiday season.

2. The current student who rubs their fun student lifestyle in your face

This graduHater likes to moan about their workload, brag about their loan and go out every night. Regularly heard describing graduates as 'old people', they can be found snoozing through seminars or in the local off-license. How to quash them: Buy up all of the value/basics range at the local supermarket and see if they can survive…

3. The FaceBook-happy graduate

This successful graduate has impressively got a job, but then proceeds to not so impressively post about it all over FaceBook. How to quash them: Like everything they have ever put on FaceBook, it'll drive them crazy.

4. The employers who don't want graduates

These graduHaters call themselves 'equal opportunities employers' but don't want to employ you because you're too 'green' as a graduate. How to quash them: Get a fabulous new job at their biggest rival's company and show them what they're missing!

5. The graduates themselves

Surprisingly enough, graduates are the biggest graduHaters of them all. Obsessing on the negatives rather than the positives, these graduates are their own worst enemies, preferring to binge-watch Netflix and be influenced by other graduHaters rather than see all that they've got going for them. Yes, university might be over, but there are so many exciting life experiences to come. How to quash them: Remind this graduHater that being a graduate can have its perks and high points as well as its downfalls. Besides, if the haters are really gonna hate hate hate hate hate, you might as well just shake shake shake shake shake…

The question is… which one are you?