Infiltration and espionage - #HottestjobsintheWorld!


Infiltration and espionage - #HottestjobsintheWorld!

In this week, the #Hottestjobsintheworld has been under attack via a colluded campaign of espionage. This has led to the top positions and most popular jobs this week being from the Security Service MI5. Alongside this we've got roles from Retail, Consultancy and Energy Commerce. Graduates have a range of careers open to them from these top 5, as long as they are ready to work hard and keep going.

Have you got what it takes to save UK business from calamity? Then get applying to these roles in the Top 5 #HottestjobsintheWorld!

5. Analyst Consulting Group (ACG) - Accenture

What you need to know: Fantastic introduction and training for a career in Consulting after starting as an analyst, earning £31,000 based in locations across the UK.
What you need to show: 2.1 degree in any subject, 340 UCAS points and a passion for technology and innovation.

The Accenture graduate programmes are well regarded for their excellent training, support and career opportunities. Graduates looking for exciting and project based careers, the Accenture Analyst Consulting Group is the one place to be. To be successful in applying for this scheme, graduates need to have a passion for innovation and technology, without it, they will be unable to get past the first few hurdles. Graduates would then need to decide whether Technology or Management Consulting are the best careers for them.

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4. Commercial graduate schemes - E.ON

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What you need to know: £27,000 plus benefits and bonus, 2 year scheme and a £1,500 Welcome Bonus.
What you need to show: A passion to work in the Energy Sector, a bright and flexible approach to tasks and a innovative approach.

E.ON's Commercial Graduate Scheme has become a veteran in the #HottestjobsintheWorld countdown. Its been in and around the Top 5 for weeks, almost months, even taking the top spot several times. But it is easy to see why. The role provides graduates with £27,000 salary, a 2 year scheme, all in a range of opportunities. Graduates can apply for several streams in the programme, they are: Customer Operations Leadership, International Business Management, HR, Sales and Marketing, IT and Business Change, and Finance.

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3. Area Manager - Aldi

What you need to know: Locations across the UK, fast paced graduate scheme to lead successful applicants to a world of retail management.
What you need to show: 2.1 degree, full and clean driving license and an enthusiasm to work in Retail management.

Aldi are a fantastic graduate employer, who when they have chosen their graduate for a position really support them through each step of the way. Graduates who make it onto the Area Manager graduate scheme are expected to embrace the responsibility from day one and use their team working skills to make sure the entire team is motivated and performing well.

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What you need to know: Data based intelligence work, based in London and protecting the UK through analysis.
What you need to show: 2.1 degree with relevant work with data and preferably a numerate background with experience of handling large sets of data.

Another MI5 roles finds its way into the #HottestjobsintheWorld this week and for obvious reasons. This role differs from the Intelligence Officer Development Programme by being data driven. The role requires graduates to be clinical and confident with large sets of data. While this could be from a graduate's degree, this is not vital. Graduates would be advised to some experience of their work with data to increase their chances of success. The role would give the successful applicant duties in such things as analysing a vast array of complex and ever changing data - ensuring colleagues across the organisation understand their findings and recognise their significance

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And the winner is...

1. MI5 - Intelligence Officer Development Programme

What you need to know: Two year development programme, working with the security service in specialist intelligence areas.
What you need to show: Dilligence, discretion and a keen eye for detail, as well as a 2.2 or higher.

The MI5 Intelligence Officer Development Programme is always an extremely popular programme for graduates looking for a rewarding career. Intelligence Officers will start out working on their Foundation Investigative Training, after this they will specialise in one of the following areas: international counter terrorism, assessment, Northern Ireland related terrorism, counter intelligence (espionage) or cyber intelligence. After a further two years in this specialism, graduates will become fully trained Intelligence Officers, helping keep the UK safe.

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