5 Weaknesses you can spin - #yousayTuesday


5 weaknesses you can spin - #yousayTuesday

One question that you will be asked in nearly all interviews are to name several of your weaknesses. A tricky question at the best of times, but they want to see where your flaws are.

We asked you this week what you thought your weaknesses were. The trick is to give an honest weakness and supplement them with an explanation of A) Why it is not that bad; B) How you are working on that flaw; or C) How the role might help you fix this.

1. Time management

"I struggle to keep time and have been known to miss deadlines"
Solution: "But during my finals I was able to get all my work in early, with plenty of time to proof and improve my work."

2. Organisation

"My organisation is slightly weak, I occasionally find myself trying to spin too many plates."
Solution: "But I always get the work done in the end."

3. Prioritise

"Sometimes I find it difficult deal with time sensitive priorities."
Solution: "But over my time at university I learnt to deal with pressing issues and manage deadlines better."

4. Confidence

"When I'm speaking to new people I am not usually the most confident person in the world"
Solution: "But I have been working behind a bar since I left uni, so confidence has grown by dealing with strangers."

5. Motivation

"At university, my motivation to get some of the work done lessened sometimes."
Solution: "However if I was a salaried employee I know my duties and know I need to earn the money I would be paid."

Graduates do not need to worry about exposing their weaknesses but need to show why they are not totally debilitating and show themselves to have bags of potential.

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