5 Things the Wolf of Wall Street taught me about the world of work


5 Things the 'Wolf of Wall Street' taught me about the world of work

Last week I watched the Wolf of Wall Street. Here is how I now see the world.

1. You need to be someones bitch for a while

Jordan Belfort wasn't always The Wolf. He had to start somewhere, and that somewhere was being shouted at whilst pounding phones. So next time you turn your nose up at a Sales job remember Leo and all his lovely money.

2. Learn everything you can from your mentors

You might think hanging on your Boss' every-word is a bit brown nose, but they are high up the ladder for a reason. Watching the way your managers work will always make you a better employee and making him your pal won't harm your promotion chances either!

3. Going it alone could be the best decision you ever make

As you can see by the colourful background, owning your own business is da bomb. You'l l always be earning money for the man upstairs unless you become that man. Learn all you can in the world of work, so you can transfer those skills and get cray rich.

4. Confidence is everything

Confidence bordering on arrogance is the perfect place to be when interviewing for a job. Tip too far towards being big headed and the recruiter will think you're a twat, too timid and you'll be easily forgotten. The Wolf is certainly on the more arrogant side of things, but when you've got these moves, who cares?!

5. Become a Leader

The main theme of Belfort's success is that people bloody love him. His employees treat him like a king and everyone wants to be near him. To make big steps forward in the world of work you'll have to learn how to be a leader, otherwise you'll constantly be at the bottom of the food chain.

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