Receiving rejection after rejection is a frustrating state of affairs. Employers level of responses can be varied, from giving a full and detailed reply, to why you have not quite made it. to no communication at all. There are a range of companies who pride themselves on being responsive to graduate applications, while on the other hand some companies are so inundated with applications they are unable to respond to all their applications. So we asked you what you found annoying and collected the top five most frustrating job rejections and how to deal with them.

5. The Competition

For some of the popular roles you're competing with sometimes hundreds of graduates and the competition can leave you trampled behind - even if you're perfect for the role.

4. The Generic Response

'Thank you, but no thank you.' This tells you nothing and leaves you even more confused. Generic responses should always be followed up.

3. The Bombed interview

Sweating, shaking but worst of all not saying anything. Falling victim to interview nerves will make you unimpressive when you need to be at your best.

2. The Lack of Experience

An infuriating catch-22 situation. Being unable to get experience without already having experience, graduates find themselves constantly trapped in this limbo.

1. The Silence

Waiting by the phone for the rejection that is never going to be come. Graduates can get too hung up over waiting for that one response from the role they thought they were born for. But it never comes.