Top blogs of 2013!

We've collected our most popular blog posts of 2013. If you missed them last year we've got the top 5 most read blogs of 2013 - packed with advice, experience and plenty of humour. Whether this was getting guest writers to tell us about their experiences in certain roles or having careers advisors from universities give their words of wisdom for you, we hope to carry on in this vein throughout 2014.

So here we go...

5. Day in the Life: NHS Management Trainee by Melissa Surgey

Our fifth most popular post of 2013 was a great article by Melissa Surgey from the NHS. Melissa works on the NHS Trainee Management Scheme, based up in Manchester. The best thing about Melissa's piece was its fantastic insight into the day to day life and responsibilities of an NHS Management Trainee. The hour by hour break down of her typical day allowed readers to recognise the high intensity of her role and the skills that it required. These would include organisational skills, communication skills and the importance of prioritising.

4. Why you shouldn't do a Master's by Sophie Longley

In this excellent piece Sophie Longley debates the pros and cons of studying for a Master's. Sophie reflects on her own experience of coming to the end of the her undergraduate degree and gives her view on the dilema that all third years face when the option comes to leave academia or stay on. Sophie's witty and familiar tone really gets to grips with the issues of studying for a postgraduate qualification. It is a must read piece for those nearing the end of their time at university.

3. Graduate Schemes you can still apply for by James Howell

This was a summer post for those eager to get some applications sent off. Graduate schemes tend to open in the September and October time and close around Christmas or just after the new year. However, we pulled this list together of ten jobs for the graduates who had finished before the summer and were keen to get some applications off and launch themselves into
the tempestuous ocean of graduate job hunting.

2. Aldi Graduate Area Manager - My Interview Experience

This was a fascinating piece looking at the interview process for some of the really competitive jobs. In this case it was Aldi's Graduate Area Manager role. It describes the grueling process of interviews and assessment centres, but finally acknowledges the difficult rejection that many graduates have to endure before they finally land the role for them. One of the best things about this post is that it opens the lid on what graduates can expect when they're at an assessment centre and gives insight for those that might not know what to expect.

1. Top 5 Graduate Truths by Ross Whistler

After three years, your graduation ceremony can be as nerve wracking as your finals. Whether it's calling your name and walking across the stage in front of everyone or the impending doom of having to find your graduate job, this piece was a success because it acknowledged everyone was in the same boat and poked fun at the fact. It is not easy finding a graduate job, but you should celebrate graduating from university and earning yourself a Bachelor's in your discipline.

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