Graduate Schemes Infographic


Graduate Schemes Infographic

As we enter the season of graduate schemes, here at we decided to find out what students and graduates thought about schemes. We asked them a series of questions ranging from expected salary to application method. The results threw up some surprising answers. Click the image below to take a look.....

Graduate Scheme Insights
The graduate jobs market is as tough as ever and this is reflected in what our respondents expected to receive as a starting salary. 88% of our respondents thought anywhere between 18-24k was an expected starting salary despite the national average for a graduate being over £26,000.

This generation is embracing social media like never before. Facebook and LinkedIn are being used as a research, information and interaction tools between candidates and organisations. There are plenty of benefits for both parties, including a platform for discussion, as well as an area for companies to display their ethos and attitude in order to attract potential employees.

Despite the frequent discussions surrounding the rise of mobile technology, a large majority of graduates are still using desktop/ laptop devices to apply for roles. This could be down to two things, either graduates being reluctant to apply over mobile devices or a lack of progress by organisations in developing their mobile application capabilities.

As well as their realistic salary expectations, graduates are also acknowledging the increasing demand for experience. 45% thought that previous work experience was the most important attribute needed in order to be successful when applying for a graduate scheme. This is fast becoming a frustration for the modern graduate, which has lead to an increase in industry years, internships & work placements.

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By Ross Whistler
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