Freshers week is fast approaching and amongst the nerves and apprehension should be a huge surge of excitement. For the purpose of this blog, I will attempt to put aside my own sadness at having finished university and pretend I'm not jealous of everyone about to have the best time of their lives.

Now for what to expect, let's break it up a bit into three key areas, firstly moving in with new people.

- take frozen pizzas! I completely forgot to think about food and on my first night thankfully someone else brought lots!
- Do not hide away in your room, everyone is in the exact same boat as you so knock on doors.
- Explore campus, it's your new home so treat it that way.

The second area of importance is student life, because there's so much to do. Just don't let it overwhelm you, it's all there for your own enjoyment.

- Say yes to everything! (unless it's going to cause you injury, death or to be arrested)!
- Please sign up to a society, I implore you. This is an absolutely perfect way to meet new people with loads in common with yourself.
- Take up a new sport. I bet you'll never live somewhere that offers so many opportunities like this again, so take advantage of it.

To swing that lot into an employer's perspective, having been involved in campus life, having taken on a responsible society position or at least having shown the willingness to become involved will demonstrate great teamwork and/or leadership skills. Even getting involved in sports will benefit you as your CV can now boast of your involvement showing employers your healthy lifestyle and again your experience within a team.

The third area is just some common advice on what to expect from freshers week.

- If you go with the people you live with to have a look around, you'll find the freshers fair, this is where you'll undoubtedly find free food, lots of leaflets containing information on the local area and by the end of it, you'll have a bag filled with goodies.
- Poster sales happen everywhere, your university will probably have a load of them too so definitely buy one or two to make your stamp on your room or house, it'll make it homely.
- In different locations, you'll find the society sign up stalls and sports teams too. Put your name down, pay the small fee (a couple of pounds usually) and that'll make sure you go along.

Those are just some of the things I have taken from my freshers week experience. One thing I didn't realise until I went to university, is that I was a part of freshers week all three years. It goes without saying (although I'm saying it) that so many people are graduating with degrees, that using the initiative to get involved and add something extra to your experience can only do you good!

Now go and have the best time of your life, oh and don't mix coloured clothes with white ones. Enjoy!