Amongst popular thought, there is a negative criticism of students using University as a delaying tactic to kill time before settling into a full time job. The solution to this is to not choose University education as your first choice, if you do not have a particular post-graduation destination in mind.
However, I believe from my own personal experience that University doesn't have to be about preparing yourself for one, unconditional role. A degree course can be about finding and developing the skills and abilities to make something that is merely an interest or hobby, a successful and rewarding career. For many students, there is no true-to-life description of what University will provide you with as an individual, your time there is what you make of it, whether you use it sensibly or waste it, naturally excel or work hard to earn your grades, a degree is just as unpredictable as any other major life choice.
In my case, I found myself taking a very strong interest in the production of films and television whilst studying media at A Level, this led to my application for Film and Television Production BA at a University in York, which I started last September. I didn't know whether I wanted to be a director or a sound operator, a producer or a set designer. I knew there were many different roles, and I wanted University to provide me with the opportunity to experience and review each one. Since starting my degree I've been lucky enough to settle quickly into two specific roles; sound operator and post-production editor. Both of those things interest me the most, and I would never have realized my skill for either if I hadn't made the decision to come to University in order to pursue my interests.
For anybody considering University, my advice is to think very carefully about what it is you want form a degree. If you know you want a sound qualification which will provide improved knowledge of a certain subject, then it would be a beneficial choice for you to take. It does not matter if you know exactly what you want to do with your life, what matters is a passion in a subject and a desire to succeed- because from that you will find yourself progressing further through Higher Education and gaining aptitude for future job applications.
Put simply:
· Consider your subject; what motivates you and makes you feel good about yourself and what you know?
· Consider your options; order University prospectus', they're free and you can use them to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the courses available.
· Consider your motivations; are you making the choice to move away for social or educational purposes? You can drink in any bar, in any city.
Above all, take care of yourself and invest in your future. It is yours and yours alone, and a degree can help you make it more prosperous, if you choose wisely.