Explore Learning (2018)

Explore Learning (2018)3

Explore Learning (2018)

Award winning tuition brought to life by incredible people!
Working at Explore Learning means joining an ambitious, people centred, conscientious company. Over the past 15 years, we have helped over 175,000 children achieve their potential. Explore get to know every child as an individual, giving them the space to unlock their imagination and discover the magic of learning.

Explore's goal – to build confident, fearless learners who are hungry for knowledge. Explore are thrilled to have been recognised as one of the best companies to work for in the UK for five consecutive years by The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For List, as well as being acknowledged as the best tuition provider in the country.

CEO and founder Bill Mills first created Explore back in 2001 and since then they have grown to open in over 125 places across the UK, and proudly employ over 3200 passionate and exceptional people.

Have a career where you can make a meaningful impact.
Beginning your career journey with Explore is your first step on an incredible pathway, there are unlimited ways that you will be able to gain new skills, master expertise and shape the future of the company with your insight and drive.

Explore Learning's Vision & Values
At Explore we understand that our strength comes from our fantastic people. Everybody shares a common purpose and the culture that this creates is truly unique. Everyone wants to make Explore the best place that it can be for our members, and therefore also the best place that it can be to work in as well.

Explore's Vision:
• Best in Education: Independent research will show that we are leaders in our field. We will be an engine for innovation and empower children to reach their potential.
• Best Staff: We will be recognised as an outstanding employer. Our fantastic reputation will attract superstars to join our team, and we will offer them opportunities and support to help them grow and thrive in our dynamic culture.
• Best Service: We will be the benchmark for providing outstanding customer service, inspiring others across all sectors.
• Best Ambassadors: We will be proud of everything we achieve at Explore. We will shout our achievements from the rooftops to support us in raising our profile and building our reputation across the local community.

Explore's Values:
• Integrity: Our staff and members are the heart of our company. Their feedback and opinions guide our decisions. Our staff are role models, inspiring our families and each other.
• Family: Our staff and families have a say in anything we do, from the competitions we run to the look of our brand, to ensure that everyone feels part of the Explore family.
• Inclusive: Explore Learning is a welcoming home for all children, regardless of their ability, and for families and staff of all backgrounds.
• Customer centred: We offer a listening ear and expertise to ensure we are delivering an outstanding, tailored service to every parent and child.
• Ambitious: Just like our members, we never stop learning. We are innovative, creative and always strive to improve the service that we provide. Our success is driven by the difference we make to our families.

Benefits: £22,000-£24,500 location weighting with a target based bonus potential of £4,400 per annum.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Adie Pascual
  • Role: Part Time Tutor
  • University: City University
  • Degree: Psychology

"Currently I am in my last year of study, it’s an incredibly busy time of the year. However, I still find the time to work at Explore because I love how the tutor role makes me feel as an individual and an employee."

"One of my passions is working with children with the belief that our investment in them is truly what matters because they are the future and I think most of us want to leave the world a better place. Explore Learning does not fail to always keep my sights on that goal to give children the best tutoring and mentoring that I could give, to make a difference in their everyday lives."


  • Name: Natasha Louth
  • Role: Assistant Director
  • Joined: July 2016
  • University: University of Birmingham
  • Degree: Music and Drama

"The idea of being part of a centre’s success within a small team and making a real difference to families and children’s education in the local community got me really excited. It was genuinely the only job I found that interested me; I couldn’t have been luckier to have landed a graduate job straight from university that I absolutely love and that makes me feel so fulfilled."

"I was particularly impressed by the development offered within the company, the fact that they’re rated in the top 100 companies to work for and by their drive to train all staff to the highest standards."


Training & Profiles

Explore recognise that their strength as a company comes from their people; as such they place a heavy emphasis on your career development from you first day. A wealth of training and support is on hand and provided to every member of staff. Explore are dedicated to the development of each and every employee. They recruit only the very best graduates and are committed to training each individual in a wide variety of educational and business skills.

Further opportunities exist within the company beyond the position of Centre Director. As the company grows Explore will look to their most competent Centre Directors to become Regional Managers, or take up a position in Head Office across various departments such as, Marketing, Recruitment, Training, Content, Sales and HR. As they expand internationally opportunities abroad will also arise.

Application Procedure

Applying early is recommended, particularly if you are interested in working in a particular centre/region at a specific time, that way you could be offered a position early and will put you ahead of other applicants interested in the same area.

Explore also accept deferred applications if you have not graduated yet or are thinking of travelling.

Please apply to the latest Explore Learning jobs on graduate-jobs.com

  • Assistant Director at Explore Learning (2018)

    The initial interview was good. I personally left with the thought that I did not get the job. But that was more my worry and because I really couldn't read my interviewers. Apart from that, the process went smoothly and they made you feel

  • Assistant Director at Explore Learning (2018)

    The initial interview was informative. I learnt lots about the centre that I visited. I spoke to the existing Assistant Director about her role and was encouraged to ask questions and find out more. Explore Learning really just wanted to find out

  • Assistant Director at Explore Learning (2018)

    Phone interview - brief (20 minutes) but decent questions regarding previous work experience, personal skills and qualities, how much I knew about the company/role, and scenario based questions. You are expected to have thoroughly researched the

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What are Explore looking for?

Explore are looking for exceptional graduates with:

Preferably 2:1 in any discipline and GCSE (or equivalent) grade B in maths and English. Experience of working with children in any capacity is preferable. Assistant Directors need to be willing to take on the responsibility to drive the growth, reputation and development of a learning centre using their promotional and managerial strengths.

Candidates must be:

  • Enthusiastic and confident to promote Explore Learning at any opportunity.Professional, articulate and persuasive.
  • Willing and able to take responsibility for the success of a centre.
  • Passionate about helping children achieve their potential & able to build a strong rapport.
  • Able to demonstrate their aptitude for working with children.
  • Highly motivated with a bright enthusiastic personality.
  • Ambitious to enhance their professional development and become a Centre Director.