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Explore Learning Ltd.

Explore Learning Ltd.

Explore Learning - Best Company

Explore Learning are an award winning national network of learning centres providing maths and English tuition to children aged 5-14, aiming to improve knowledge, confidence and enjoyment of learning. Launched in 2001, Explore have over 120 centres across the UK benefiting over 150,000 children.

For four consecutive years Explore Learning have been placed in the top 50 Best Companies to work for in the UK by The Times Best Companies To Work For list. Explore were also named by The Job Crowd as the number 1 company for graduates to work for within the Charity, Education and Public Sector category in 2015, 2014 and 2013.

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Explore Learning recruit driven graduates who want to make an impact as an Assistant Director- both on running their centres as a business, and on the lives of the members who attend. This is a challenging role requiring gumption, determination and flexibility, you need to be prepared to be thrown in at the deep end and take ownership for your centre and meet ambitious targets.

You will become part of the full-time management team either launching a new centre, or running an established centre. The key to the success of every centre is down to the managers.

The Assistant Director role provides a huge amount of variety, in addition to being hands on with tutoring children you will gain broad business experience learning to promote, market and sell, how to operate a business unit and be responsible for a team of part time Tutors.

Within 12-24 months you will be given the opportunity to progress to become a Centre Director where you will directly supervise staff and take overall responsibility for the centres development, operations and profitability. Further opportunities exist within the company beyond Centre Director. Explore look for their most competent Centre Directors to become Regional Managers, or take up a position in Head Office across various departments such as, Marketing, Retention, Recruitment, Training, Content, Sales and HR.

Explore Learnings’ Vision:

To be universally recognised as the best possible compliment to a school environment.

  • Best Staff: We will be recognised as an outstanding employer. Our reputation will attract the very best people to join our team, and we will provide them with unrivalled opportunities for personal growth.
  • Best Ambassadors: We will take great pride in all that we achieve at Explore. We will take every opportunity to raise our profile and build reputation with families, schools and across our local communities.
  • Best Service: We will be regarded as providing the best customer service, not just in education, but across all industries.
  • Best in Education: Independent research will show that we are the leading edge of pedagogy. We will be an engine for innovation and will empower children to reach their potential.

Case Studies

  • Name: Michael Brown
  • Role: Assistant Director, Crouch End
  • University: Nottingham
  • Degree: English and American Literatures

I found Explore Learning on a careers website and applied directly through their web pages. I was very impressed by the application process which was rigorous and reassuringly taxing.

After my successful interview I was very quickly offered the role of Assistant Director in a branch in Crouch End, North London. The level of responsibility I was immediately given was quite breath taking, but not without training and support both in the centre, and through a structured programme offered by the departments in Head Office. After a short while, I found myself handling aspects of the finances of the centre, alongside booking and holding meetings with current and potential members. It was after around three months into my role that I started to feel familiar with my initial responsibilities and felt as though I could start to lead and drive performance in them; from very early on I was encouraged to suggest ways to boost performance and maintain a high quality service for members. After approximately six months I was given a host of other responsibilities including managing the tutor team rota and budget, and managing the marketing planner and the schools’ programme. By this time, I had also gained experience in interviewing candidates for the role of Assistant Director in other branches of Explore Learning and had developed a greater commercial awareness, or “business brain”.

Now, with greater experience, I find that working as part of a small team in a single centre allows me to have a direct influence on its performance, and the challenge to make it successful feels akin to running my own small business. My problem solving skills are always being tested as there is no opportunity of deferring responsibility in the hope that issues will resolve themselves. The level of accountability that I have demands maturity and diligence and offers me the satisfaction of reaping the rewards of successful centre performance through monthly bonuses and larger company-wide prizes like holidays abroad. The responsibility that I have is supported by an ambitious, expanding but very personable company: I have been supported through personal projects such as using my creativity to design parts of the curriculum which will eventually be used by members of the centres, and I have been encouraged to plan out my long-term progression towards becoming Centre Director and beyond.

Ultimately, I wake up and go to work with a deeply motivating feeling that I am working within a hugely dynamic and expending sector, and for a company which is striving to be at the forefront of it. I get to test my cognitive powers each day and get to laugh and work with my colleagues and the children whilst I’m doing it. Each day is a lesson in its own right, and I am thankful for it.

Explore Learning

Explore Learning

Training & Profiles

Explore recognise that their strength as a company comes from their people; as such they place a heavy emphasis on your career development from you first day. A wealth of training and support is on hand and provided to every member of staff. Explore are dedicated to the development of each and every employee. They recruit only the very best graduates and are committed to training each individual in a wide variety of educational and business skills.

Further opportunities exist within the company beyond the position of Centre Director. As the company grows Explore will look to their most competent Centre Directors to become Regional Managers, or take up a position in Head Office across various departments such as, Marketing, Recruitment, Training, Content, Sales and HR. As they expand internationally opportunities abroad will also arise.


Explore offer a competitive salary of £22,000 - £24,500 location weighting. A target based bonus scheme with up to £3680 potential.

Application Procedure

Applying early is recommended, particularly if you are interested in working in a particular centre/region at a specific time, that way you could be offered a position early and will put you ahead of other applicants interested in the same area.

Explore also accept deferred applications if you have not graduated yet or are thinking of travelling.

Please visit the careers section of the website http://www.explorelearning.co.uk/careers

What are Explore looking for?

Explore are looking for exceptional graduates with:

Preferably 2:1 in any discipline and GCSE (or equivalent) grade B in maths and English. Experience of working with children in any capacity is preferable. Assistant Directors need to be willing to take on the responsibility to drive the growth, reputation and development of a learning centre using their promotional and managerial strengths.

Candidates must be:

  • Enthusiastic and confident to promote Explore Learning at any opportunity.
  • Professional, articulate and persuasive.
  • Willing and able to take responsibility for the success of a centre.
  • Passionate about helping children achieve their potential & able to build a strong rapport.
  • Able to demonstrate their aptitude for working with children.
  • Highly motivated with a bright enthusiastic personality.
  • Ambitious to enhance their professional development and become a Centre Director.