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Clarify Solution Selling Ltd. graduate scheme 2020

Clarify Solution Selling Ltd.

Clarify is a leading provider of Sales and Marketing services to the Enterprise Technology sector. Working alongside its customer's sales teams, Clarify identifies, qualifies, develops and tracks consultative sales deals typically valued at up to $1 million.

Established in early 2003, the company has grown to 30-persons and continues to expand in a considered yet ambitious manner. Its staff are expert, focused and driven, working in a fast paced, professional and modern environment. Clarify offers new recruits the opportunity to become involved in the development of a business from the beginning of their career at Clarify. As a services company we recognise that our biggest asset is our people, and that their success is fundamental to the success of our business.

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Case Studies


CF joined Clarify in June 2003 as a Sales Executive. Having graduated two years previously and worked as a Political Assistant, his focus for the first 12 months with Clarify was to gain an understanding of the sales process and build on his natural communication skills. Promotion to Account Executive followed, and he became responsible for both delivery to a customer and becoming their first line contact within Clarify. He is now moving into an Account Management role and taking responsibility for Clarify's New Business.


LE began his career at Clarify in April 2003. Not a graduate, he demonstrated a natural aptitude for understanding a specific customer's market sector, and quickly progressed to 'owning' that account, making Account Executive within 12 months. He has now transitioned into an Operational Management function and takes responsibility for delivery of an increasing number of customers through an ever-growing team of Sales Executives.

  • Training & Profiles

The first stage in delivering Clarify's core lead generation services, the Sales Executive will carry out a range of duties to ensure the consistent and successful delivery of high-quality sales opportunities to Clarify's customers.

The daily routine will involve making over 60 telephone calls per day. Using skilled interview techniques, you will identify Senior Decision Makers and hold high level conversations with those people to identify and understand business pains and requirements.

Having gained a full knowledge of Clarify's customers' solution, you will be required to align the correct message and proposition to each contact, in accordance with their individual and business objectives. Critical elements of success will be time-management skills, effective internal reporting, and the ability to adopt and execute appropriate sales methodologies and techniques.

Ongoing responsibilities include the build, development and cleansing of a database, management of a sales opportunity pipeline, and the delivery of detailed written reports for each sales opportunity to the required internal standards.

As a Sales Executive you will be closely integrated into the sales and marketing teams of our customers and will be required to liaise on a daily basis with members of their teams. You will spend time on our customer's sites and be integral in setting the agenda and direction for the ongoing service. You will be trained to understand the nature of our customer's proposition, the business issues which they address and how they are positioned within the market.

Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Sales Executive is an internal, telephone based, high value technology sales role. Daily responsibilities include:

  • contacting FTSE 250 organisations, identifying Senior Decision Makers and holding high level conversations
  • understanding organisational structures and hierarchy, subsidiary relationships, financial information, business strategy
  • Execution of defined sales methodologies via a training and development programme
  • delivery of high-quality sales opportunities to Clarify's customers provided in a detailed written report
  • management of a database and sales opportunity pipeline
  • daily routine will involve making over 60 telephone calls per day
  • entrance into the business, following a clearly defined development path to further progression within Clarify

Key Performance Indicators

  • Consistent delivery of all monthly pre-agreed targets for sales opportunity identification
  • Delivery of all projects within agreed timescales
  • Delivery of all reports within agreed timescales to the pre-agreed quality standards
  • Consistent progression of skills through completion of personal development objectives

Does Clarify have its own technology solution?

No. Clarify works on behalf of companies who have a technology proposition, helping them to deliver sustainable revenue streams by providing highly qualified sales opportunities and improving the flow of quality information into their sales team.

Will I be closing any business?

No. Whilst a full range of sales skills are required to be successful in the Sales Executive role, the size and complexity of the opportunities you will be seeking to identify are such that you carry out a portion of the sales process, but not to the point of close.

Does it matter that I do not have an IT related qualification, or that I am not 'technically aware'?

Our customers solutions are business led, meaning that they solve business problems - we are therefore looking to engage with business people to have business led conversations... Whilst the training will ensure you understand the landscape of the enterprise technology marketplace, a lack of existing technical knowledge will not hold you back.

Must I be a graduate?

No, Clarify are looking for applicants of graduate calibre, but this does not necessarily mean they must have a degree. Ultimately, candidates with the right skills, attributes and personality will succeed over those with the best academic record.

I want to get into field sales. How quickly will this happen if I become a Sales Executive at Clarify?

Clarify operate at the top-end of a business-to-business sales environment, working on complex, high value technology deals. It takes several years for even the very best candidates to develop the skills necessary to begin selling face to face in this sector. Contact with Clarify's existing customers is the first step, which will happen within a year; continual development is the only way to progress further!

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