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A long-term approach.

Baillie Gifford was established as an investment management partnership over 100 years ago. Today, with more than 900 people based in Edinburgh, we are a leading independent global investment management business with over £100 billion under management.

We look to buy stakes in companies that have the potential to grow significantly over the long-term - and our track record has proved our ability to seek out and invest in businesses that change the way the world looks - like Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Tesla, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Alibaba and Ocado for example. In other words, we put a high value on innovative thinkers - and that's as true of our colleagues just as much as the companies we work with.

Imagining the Future.

Create the ideas, concepts and solutions that will drive future development. Use your curiosity, imagination and individual thinking to explore new possibilities and opportunities. Welcome to Baillie Gifford - and a group of people who think like you. A team of 900+ individuals, based in Edinburgh, who shape the future of this leading global investment management firm. Join one of our four graduate training programmes - and shape your future too.

Investment Management

Research potential investments from every possible angle - politics, people, culture, geography, social-economic conditions and more. Seek out the unique angle or insight that no one else has spotted. We welcome applications from all degree subjects but you'll need to be an original thinker who can present a compelling argument.

Application Development

Creating innovative software solutions to make our business work better. We work with users to define and create systems with technologies including relational database design, HTML5, Java Script, ASP.NET MVC, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, and C#. You'll need an IT related degree, and real commercial awareness.

Technical Infrastructure

Exploring how advanced technologies can shape the future of imaginative business solutions. Our team maintains and develops the entire IT infrastructure. Our platform uses technologies from leading vendors such as EMC, Oracle, Splunk, Cisco, F5, Microsoft, Apple and Palo Alto. You'll have studied an IT related degree, but just as important you must be able to explain to us how technology can make our business better.

Business Operations

Interested in business? Join a two-year rotational programme, and experience the full cycle of over a dozen operational teams which support our growing business. Once you've built that foundation, launch your career in a specialism that's matched to your talents, skills and aspirations. Your degree could be in any subject.

Case Studies

  • Role: Graduate Trainee, Investment Operations
  • Joined: 2015
  • University: University of Aberdeen
  • Degree: Accountancy & Management

A unique opportunity

I wasn’t at all sure what I wanted to do after graduation, and didn’t fully appreciate what Investment Operations is. Because it’s so broad, and covers so many different disciplines, the idea of a rotational programme appealed to me as it would allow me to experience different areas of this investment business. It’s an amazing opportunity and I haven’t seen anything like this offered elsewhere.

Interested in you

On day one I was nervous but you soon meet up with the other new graduates and your manager and it doesn’t feel like a big firm (although there are nearly 1,000 people). There are lots of opportunities to meet colleagues throughout the business including senior partners who are genuinely interested in you and your development.

Responsibility from day one

My first placement was in the Client Administration department, and I was given my own funds to look after for three months. You’re given responsibility right away, and I particularly enjoyed contributing at meetings, and having my ideas taken seriously.

Exploring options

Right now I’m finishing my placement in Finance and I’ve presented back on what I’ve learnt here. The focus on learning is important. Although I had an understanding of the basics from my degree, I’m gaining even more knowledge through studying for external industry qualifications too. It’s still early days – and I’m planning to take as much as I can from each rotation. It’s about discovering what you enjoy, what skills you want to develop and where you can make a positive impact.

  • Role: Trainee Technical Analyst
  • Joined: 2014
  • University: Glasgow Caledonian University


When I think about it, I’m amazed at how much I’ve achieved during my time here. I enjoy pushing myself and I’ve challenged myself on C# and SQL in particular. I’ve found that there are lots of opportunities to learn about new technologies, as well as build from scratch. Unlike what happens at university where it’s all just theory, it’s great to see something that’s going to be used within the business.


I recently had the opportunity to work in our small New York office on a three-month secondment. That was an amazing experience at every level. I was the face of IT, and didn’t want to let the IS team down! I worked closely with a third-party support vendor, as well as implementing new tech including Cisco Meraki and an ACS server. It was interesting work and I learned a lot in a short time. I would thoroughly recommend this to any future graduate.


Back in Edinburgh, I’m working on rolling out the cloud networking Meraki system to this office and beyond. I’m also part of a project team rolling out Bomgar for remote support. It’s really good to be the networking team member on these kind of projects. I enjoy pushing myself and I’m pleased at the breadth of day-to-day tasks generally. I want to continue to learn about technologies used within the server or networking teams, and improve my trouble-shooting skills.

  • Name: TOM DAVIES
  • Role: Application Developer
  • Joined: 2013
  • University: Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Degree: BSc Business Information Technology


I create bespoke software applications, working closely with the business to understand users’ needs and develop innovative new technological solutions.


Since I’ve been here I’ve had the opportunity to work with advanced technologies including C# and new Oracle releases, and the latest software and database developments, liaising with a number of different business areas.


I had a number of internships at university, so I realised that I wanted a role where I could be creative and work closely with business users within a highly innovative environment. Baillie Gifford gives me that every day.


You can take on as much responsibility as you want and the support is there when you need it. No one says ‘you’re a grad trainee’ - everyone is treated the same – but equally you can’t use it as an excuse! My contribution isn’t capped and I’m encouraged to suggest new things.


I’d never been to Edinburgh before and when I came here for my first interview and walked around the city centre, I loved it right away. I didn’t know anyone at first but quickly built a wide circle of friends. I can’t imagine living anywhere else now.

  • Name: TOM SLATER
  • Role: Now a Partner, Long Term Global Growth
  • Joined: 2000
  • University: University of Edinburgh
  • Degree: BSc Computer Science and Mathematics


When I first joined as a graduate trainee, becoming a partner was a remote goal. But as my career progressed, I became more passionate about this firm. Now I’m part of a group which steers the firm’s future, and that’s hugely rewarding.


I didn’t want the type of job where you sit at a computer for 14 hours a day. Right from my first interview, this felt like an exciting place to be. It’s an intellectual powerhouse filled with people whose opinions I respect.


At university you study one subject in depth. At Baillie Gifford you gain a wide range of knowledge about many subjects, but not from textbooks or newspapers. You meet people who change the world: innovative, inspiring people like Jeff Bezos at Amazon and Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook.


At first it’s scary talking to people who obviously know more than you do, but there’s no substitute for experience. I believe you’re not a real investor until you’ve persuaded your team to buy a stock and it falls to zero. You have to be resilient; you will make a lot of mistakes and there’s a lot to learn.


Ultimately your motivation should be to pursue what you’re most interested in. We want people with an original perspective who can explore, question and come up with fresh ideas.

Application Procedure

Please go to our website and apply via CV and cover letter.

Where are your offices based?
Our head office is in Edinburgh. We also have offices in New York and London however these offices are primarily used for marketing purposes. Our graduate roles are based in our office in Edinburgh.

What do the next five years look like for Baillie Gifford?
We aim to continue growing our business through organic growth, focusing on the longer-term investments to generate superior earnings growth. We aim to provide clients with the highest level of service and continue to develop an excellent understanding of their needs. We also aim to continue to recruit and retain some of the best people in the industry and focus entirely on investment management as our core business.

Who do I contact if I have a special requirement and need help applying for the scheme?
We're an equal opportunities employer and want to do everything we can to make our application process as accessible as possible. So we're happy to provide support - just phone us on 0131 275 2000.

Do you expect your employees to relocate?
Successful candidates will be willing to either relocate or commute to Edinburgh if they accept a place on one of our graduate programmes.

Do I need to have graduated within the last three years?
There is no time limit for how long ago you were awarded a degree and we welcome application from individuals who have gained some post-graduate work experience.

How long before I hear back about my application?
You will receive an automated response when you submit your application to confirm that we have received it. We will be aim to get back to you within 4-6 week to advise how we will progress your application, however, depending on the number of applications, this timescale may be extended.

Where will interviews take place?
At our offices in Edinburgh.