University of Birmingham AI and Data Science Scholarships

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The University of Birmingham is currently offering a remarkable opportunity for students hailing from both non-STEM or STEM academic backgrounds to upskill their knowledge in AI and Data Science. Their AI and Data Science Masters Scholarship is available for seven of their exciting degree programmes and is designed to empower students to transition into the AI and Data Science Industry.

As the original ‘Redbrick’ University, their thriving student population enjoys a wide range of courses and exceptional campus and research facilities. For more than a century, they have been pursuing and sharing knowledge through outstanding teaching and world-leading research. They are a world-leading university, that encourages bold, independent thought that aims to stretch and challenge you through their high-quality academic experience. Counting 10 Nobel Laureates among their staff, the University has contributed to some of science’s greatest discoveries, providing innovative solutions to the challenges we face in our city, our region and across the globe.

The single biggest investment that the University has made in recent years is in people, helping them attract some of the finest minds in the world to teach and research there. That’s why the University of Birmingham is now offering over 120 available scholarships and is committed to bridging the gap for individuals who may wish to enter the Data Science or AI workforce.

With a focus on helping create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the AI and Data Science workforce, these 120 scholarships will be available to underrepresented groups, with an emphasis on women, black and/or disabled students, and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Each of these students will be awarded a £10,000 scholarship enabling them to embark on this educational journey that will help prepare them for an exciting career through the industrial experience and cutting-edge research projects the degrees offer.

The initiative is offered as a part of the initiative from the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and the Office for Artificial Intelligence to encourage more underrepresented groups to study AI and Data Science. These scholarships are focused on ensuring that the AI and STEM landscape better mirrors our diverse community and prioritises catering to the needs of those who may have traditionally faced barriers in accessing such opportunities. The aim of this funding is clear: to actively encourage and motivate women, Black students, disabled students, and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to consider and excel in postgraduate programs related to artificial intelligence (AI) and data science.


The application deadline is AUGUST 31 and is exclusively aimed at individuals from underrepresented groups, giving them a chance to pivot their academic pursuits towards these cutting-edge disciplines. You can find the full eligibility criteria here.

Students must have already applied for a place on a University of Birmingham Data Science or AI-related Master’s course before applying for this scholarship. These include the following 7 courses: MSc Bioinformatics, MSc Bioinformatics (Online), MSc Computer Science, MSc Data Science, MSc Financial Technology, MSc Health Data Science, and MSc Responsible Data Science.

Maths Bootcamp

To accompany the support offered to the under-represented groups that this scholarship will benefit, the University of Birmingham proudly introduces the Maths Pre-sessional Bootcamp.

This initiative enhances course accessibility by offering an alternative entry route, accommodating those who may not meet the standard Maths requirements. The pre-sessional equips students with essential skills for success, bridging gaps in data handling and math proficiency, especially beneficial for non-STEM students. The aim is to empower students with the essential tools needed to succeed in their chosen courses. Its objective is to better create accessibility to the course materials, ensuring that a wider range of students can participate actively and confidently.

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