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From today you can include a diversity information to your - it's private.

Why do we collect Diversity information? monitors its diversity information which is based on UK equality legislation (Equality Act 2010). Under the act it is unlawful to discriminate against people at work because of the following characteristics:

  • age
    • disability
    • gender reassignment
    • marriage and civil partnership
    • pregnancy and maternity
    • race
    • religion or belief
    • sex
    • sexual orientation

To stay within the law, promote equality, fairness and prevent discrimination, employers have a policies in place so that individuals understand what is expected of them and the equality standards the organisation strives to achieve. In order to ensure transparency monitors diversity to ensure employers who use the service can ensure their policy initiatives are being upheld and delivered.

Why is Diversity important in the workplace?
Understanding diversity and having a diverse workforce can lead to wider business benefits. According to The Chartered Management Institute (Delivering Diversity 2017) benefits include:

1) Better problem solving & Decision Making
When groups of different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and different perspectives come together, everyone shares a slightly different approach to the job and the problem at’ll tend to come out the other side with better ideas.

2) Increased Creativity & Innovation
In the same vein employees from diverse backgrounds will bring diverse solutions. Sameness breeds more sameness.

3) Better Employer Engagement

Employers who support a policy of diversity and inclusion are better equipped to create a working environment where employees feel they can be themselves, not feel the pressure to conform to a homogeneous culture. If you feel included it’s more likely you'll be engaged at work. Simple.

Diversity and
Employers who partner with monitor diversity to ensure they benefit from the positive effects of a diverse workforce - additionally are able to contact particular groups with specific events and initiatives. No-one is obliged to answer monitoring questions and the information gathered is strictly confidential.

We have the opportunity to help drive change and contribute to a more open, diverse, tolerant, fair and inclusive society - who wouldn't want that?

Contribute your diversity profile.