We've re-designed the site. What do you think?

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Welcome to our new website design, our first for almost 10 years. The site and service is constantly evolving and we add new features and functionality all the time. This means things can get a little out-of-hand sometimes with the interface in our rush to give you the best service. We hope it's a new look you'll love - we'll be able to ascertain if you like it over the next few weeks.

Our primary design considerations for this release have been:

Creating new features which our graduates and customers love is exciting! Sometimes we focus more on function than look and feel - it's just in our DNA as a company. What this means is that sometimes our design language can look a little bit like gobbledygook. Our new design aims to create a consistent experience across the site which makes it easier for you to use...because there shouldn't be any surprises.

Fonts types, font sizes, colours and spacing have all been reviewed and improved for reading clarity. It sounds straightforward...but it's not, especially if you have to create something that works across thousands of web pages.

We have tried to create a service which transmits a ‘hierarchy of importance of information’ on each page. Obviously some elements of information are more important than others and that changes from page-to-page. We have attempted to identify these and ensure that you always see the most important bits of information first.

We are a big fan of simple at graduate-jobs.com...all the best stuff tends to be. Hopefully we've created something simple but sophisticated at the same time.

These are no doubt all fairly basic design concepts but if you’re doing the work in-house (with some guidance admittedly) the task can be daunting. A big thank-you to all the developers at graduate-jobs.com who have worked tirelessly in order to integrate this new interface in record time.

We might make some small design tweaks in the next few weeks if we identify areas for improvement.

If you have any suggestions or feedback - please feel free to get intouch with the team.

The graduate-jobs.com Team