Robots don't want your job - they need you

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Posted on Friday 30th June 2017, by James Howell

Developments in new technology have seen an increase in early career job opportunities, especially in artificial intelligence.

According to new data released by job aggregating service Indeed, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for tech based jobs especially for graduates about to start their careers. The data shows the number of Machine Learning Engineer opportunities had risen by over 191% since 2015 as companies want to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. The report also notes an increase of 135% for Data Scientist roles.

Although the report hints at difficulty for more senior tech roles, this means graduates can find an abundance of opportunities in this new and exciting sector. With this, the tech industry has overtaken finance and banking to become the largest non-managerial industry.

Senior VP of Product at Indeed, Raj Mukherjee, says new opportunities are on the horizon and this is a great opportunity for graduates.

"Every industry is being disrupted by software, and every company is becoming a software company. Finding, attracting and retaining tech talent is critical to business survival," he says.

"The software economy is driving significant new employment opportunities in London, and this is showing up the tech talent shortage, especially where developer and more senior roles are concerned. London is a great place for people to live, and that's vital because the modern jobseeker optimises for happiness."

Image Credit: Alex Knight