Looking to lead? Aviva can take you places.


Aviva Global Graduate Leadership Programme - Two years (including a year-long international placement)

Aviva have helped over thirty-four million people across the world invest in their future. To keep offering exceptional service to our diverse, growing customer base, we're spearheading an insurance revolution - innovating new ways to make financial management as safe, secure, sustainable and rewarding as possible. And we need the next batch of graduate talent to help lead our vision.

The Aviva Global Graduate Leadership Programme will give you the resources, teaching and guidance needed to make a difference to millions of people around the world. By the end, you will have gained practical experience, learned through tailored training and had the opportunity to work locally and internationally at a FTSE-100 company - leaving you excellently placed to continue working towards becoming a future leader of Aviva.

Linh is one of our current graduates. Working in Mandatory Change within the Chief Operating Officer's team , she has already had access to many incredible opportunities for development.

"There are so many opportunities to grow. I've been involved in projects that are complex and challenging, and I've had the chance to develop technical and leadership skills. I couldn't recommend the Global Graduate Leadership Programme enough - if you're looking for a challenge and the chance to make a real impact, this programme is for you."

Over two years, you will become an expert in all things Aviva. You will learn in-depth about global markets and distribution networks, and you'll gain international experience. On your first rotation, you'll learn about Customers, Distribution and Products in your home country. And, on your second year, you'll work abroad in a local market team or central functional role, taking on increased responsibility and working to develop your leadership skills.

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Bethany - who joined the programme after studying Management and Languages at Cambridge - found the structure of the programme and the level of responsibility empowering: "at Aviva, you get to be creative. You get to take ownership of projects and see the results you've helped achieve. You have the chance to look back at the end of the year and see what you've achieved. Not a lot people get that chance."

Operating in sixteen countries - including the UK, Canada, China, and Singapore among others - we need individuals with the drive, skills and adaptability required to work across borders, projects and teams. For many of our graduates, the opportunity to travel while gaining valuable work experience is attractive. Meral, who grew up in the UAE, is passionate about exploring new cultures - "the global element of the programme attracted me the most - I wanted to gain experience through travel. I've only been in the job for two months but I've already travelled most of the country."

But, while it's definitely a key component, the Global Graduate Leadership Programme isn't just an opportunity to see the world: it's an investment in your future. The programme is carefully structured to help you develop the skills needed to make an impact at a multinational, multicultural company. We invest time, resources and support - and, in doing so, we take your raw potential and turn you into business leaders capable of delivering real and lasting change.

One of Aviva's core values is to Care More, and this is applied throughout our programme. As Linh has found, "Aviva really lives by its values. One of their values is to Care More, and this is embedded not just in the work I'm doing - but in the recruitment process, the training and Aviva's investment in every individual on the Global Graduate Leadership Programme, too."

Part of caring more is operating ethically, which is why we're leading the charge on responsible business. Alongside reducing emissions by 39% and being a UK-wide Living Wage employer, we also run a global diversity programme to ensure we drive equality in the workplace. We're proud to run both a thriving Women's Network and LGBT Network, and we are the top insurer in the UK's Stonewall Top 100 Employers list.

It doesn't matter your sex, gender, race, ethnicity or religion. If you're ambitious, adaptable and have (or are on track to achieve) a 2:1 degree or above (or equivalent), we want you to help us change the face of finance. And, in return, you'll have the chance to travel the world, play a key role in the success of a multinational company and develop exceptional leadership expertise.

Interested? This programme could be your passport to a rewarding career. Find out more at Aviva Graduates.