Graduate job growth in East Midlands

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According to a new study, there is a growing appetite for graduates among businesses in the East Midlands.

A new study by CBI and Pearson Education surveyed 169 businesses in the East Midlands and discovered a growing need for graduates in the reason. Businesses in the East Midlands show an above-average need for university leavers. 37% of firms in the region have already increased their graduate intake over the last year, compared to 29% of businesses nationally.

However, employers are concerned by the readiness of university entering the workforce. Nearly 30% of employers noted a lack in resilience and self-management and 85% of employers believe the right attitude and application are more important the specific degree subject.

Principal of Pearson College London, Roxanne Stockwell, says results are encouraging for the easterly region.

"While there are encouraging signs of growth in graduate recruitment and the demand for higher-level skills in the East Midlands, it is worrying that firms are finding that many graduates they recruit aren't properly prepared for the world of work."

Roxanne says universities and businesses need a closer partnership to help graduates prepare for the working world.

"Students are becoming more critical consumers of higher education and universities have a responsibility to meet this demand and ensure that students leave with the skills needed to succeed," she says.

"We need more collaboration between universities and business, with courses designed, developed, delivered by industry, and opportunities for students to gain first-hand experience of business, through industry workshops and work placements."

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Image credit: Thaddaeus Lim