Birmingham must do more to keep grads

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One of the UK's largest cities must do more to keep its graduate talent, according to LinkedIn.

According to research by the professional networking site LinkedIn, Birmingham must do more to retain its graduates. The research found that 62% of graduates from Birmingham's universities leave the city when they finish graduation.

The study focused on 21,000 graduates from the Birmingham area. Joshua Graff, the UK Site Manager for LinkedIn, says the local businesses must do more to secure local graduate talent.

"Birmingham is a vibrant and diverse city and has the biggest concentration of businesses outside of London, yet six out of ten students who graduate in the city move away to find their first job," he says. "Local businesses, which are looking for graduate hires, should see this as an opportunity to hire great employees who already live in the city.

Joshua says employers must act quickly to catch graduate before they relocate.

"To benefit from this, they need to use their home advantage and take proactive steps to ensure they are making themselves attractive to the talented graduates on their doorstep before they leave town."

"They can do this by offering internships and work experience, by empowering their existing team to be ambassadors for the company and by having a strong employer brand online to show what it's really like to work for them."

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