Graduates look back on 5 years at Softcat

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Two graduates reveal what they've learnt after spending five years at software and technology company Softcat.

Softcat is a leading IT infrastructure provider for clients in the public and private sector. The company prides itself on a successful graduate recruitment programme which works with university leavers from a range of degree backgrounds. Two graduates who joined fresh from university say the experience has helped them kick-start their careers.

Ashley Bilham studied English and History at the University of Sheffield and joined Softcat in February 2010. During his six years with the company Softcat has helped Ashley develop as a person, he says.

"Working for Softcat has enabled me to mature very quickly in the working world and provided me with a great deal of responsibility at a relatively young age."

"I quickly started mentoring newer starters on my team and became full-time deputy team leader after about a year. I then became team leader in August of 2012."

Ashley has taken advantage of the accessible career path with the company, and says the chance to take on more responsibility is open to all graduates.

"The beauty of Softcat is that these opportunities for progression are available for those who want it. I have recently been promoted to Sales Manager of our new Leeds office meaning I am now effectively responsible for running this cost centre for Softcat."

Richard Steel joined Softcat after studying Sport Science at the University of Southampton. He says the company operates as one team, despite its growing size.

"What I love about Softcat is the culture and although we've grown into a pretty big company it still feels like one big team, where everyone is happy to go the extra mile to help each other out," he says.

"I'm pretty sure there's not many other places that can give you the job satisfaction and benefits that Softcat can."

Richard says there are more perks to working at Softcat than just career progression and a close team, including travel and company meals.

"It's an absolutely amazing place to work and some of the things I've experienced are quite simply not on offer in other jobs," he says. "Trips to Lapland and Kenya are highlights, as well as posh dinners at Le Manoir and L'Ortolan!"