24hr training for grads at Rentokil Initial

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Graduates can access training 24/7 at leading pest control and hygiene company, Rentokil Initial.

Rentokil Initial is a worldwide organisation committed to protecting human health, offering services in pest control, hygiene and safe workwear. The company is proud to offer graduates joining their ranks round-the-clock opportunities to learn and develop, says the Head of Learning & Development.

Richard Gregory runs Rentokil Initial's Learning & Development programme in London. He says the company's training policy comes out of an understanding that learning is not restricted to the classroom.

"At Rentokil Initial we really pride ourselves on learning and development opportunities we give everyone across the organisation," he says.

"We have a fully structured two-year training for graduates, but we also know that training doesn't just happen in the classroom and learning takes place all the time."

The organisation looks to help graduates settle in with support made up of members of staff and leaders in the business.

"As well as the formal learning in the classroom, we make sure every graduate has a buddy, someone who can help them settle in the organisation," Richard says.

"We also make sure graduates have a mentor within the organisation, someone who is quite senior and can make sure the graduate gets the right career coaching and guidance."

Another element of the training on Rentokil Initial's Graduate Management Scheme is online learning, which allows graduates to develop at their own pace.

"We have online training and this can be accessed 24/7," Richard says. "You can take courses on there about leadership skills, communication skills or management skills."

"The online aspect allows our employees to pick the learning intervention that suits them."