Accenture offer a steep learning curve

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International consulting and technology firm Accenture has a steep learning curve for new hires-with many potential benefits.

Accenture is one of the world's largest technology and consulting organisations focussed on improving their client experience. According to one graduate at the company, Accenture's workload offers a steep learning curve for new employees-and a fantastic challenge.

Rebecca Griffiths studied Management at the University of Warwick and joined Accenture's Strategy and Consulting Graduate Programme in September 2010. She says facing challenges head-on is part of the culture at Accenture.

"My first project saw me helping to put a bid together for a new client. It was only a two week project, but the work was intense and the hours really long," she says.

"With the client's expectations of us changing almost on a daily basis, I can safely say it was a steep learning curve-but that's what Accenture is all about."

The level of challenging and exciting work available to graduates at the firm allows university-leavers to learn about a wide range of industries from the start.

"My next engagement involved designing and implementing a new training programme for a global mining company," Rebecca says.

"From trainers to the miners themselves, I talked to everyone in order to fully understand what different people needed the project to achieve. It really stretched me professionally, but the experience I gained led to my promotion to Consultant in just six months."

"I'm certainly an expert in mining now and think I could even operate heavy machinery if I had to!"