Work Experience in Mickey Mouse degree


Work Experience in "Mickey Mouse" degree

Work Experience in Mickey Mouse degree

A new university course has been labelled as controversial as it attempts to strike the balance between academic study and work experience.

cA new Foundation Degree offered by Staffordshire University is likely to come under severe criticism as it tries to strike the balance between academic study and work place skills. The new two year foundation degree, costing £9,000 a year will have those enrolled spending 4 and a half months at the popular theme park, Alton Towers.

cThe course on visitor attraction and resort management will no doubt face criticism for being a "Mickey Mouse" degree. The course aims to teach those enrolled about the things like customer service, health and safety, strategy and marketing of these kinds of resort. However, in the courses first of years, students can expect to be working on kiosks, ride operations and the resort's hotels.

cHowever, Staffordshire University believe this is an important step in creating a better skilled graduate who is more prepared for the workplace. Dean of the Faculty of Business Education and Law, Susan Foreman said 'The collaboration builds upon a strong partnership between Alton Towers Resort and Staffordshire University. The resort already employs many of our students on a part-time basis and we are delighted to be working with them to develop people who will acquire a comprehensive understanding of their business.'

cHR Director for Alton Towers Resort, Guy Brazier, believes the experience will be important for students when they graduate. Brazier said 'We believe this course will offer students an amazing opportunity to develop their career potential to work in the leisure industry, which is an ever growing sector.'

cBrazier added 'We've worked alongside Staffordshire University on a number of training and development projects in recent years, but this course is really the culmination of everything we've been aiming for. It will give those that complete it a credible background that will make them far more attractive to prospective employers.'

by James Howell

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